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Some Africans Sold Their Own People To Slave Traders

Updated on October 3, 2019
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Through blood, sweat and tears Africans have contributed to the making of America,

Black Slaves


In 1600 SlavesTraders ships traveled thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean, to capture and bring back Africans to America to be sold into slavery. In some parts of Africa during the trans-Atlantic slave trade white traders did not have the authority to go into Africa states and take slaves. A lot of slaves were sold by tribe chiefs for goods such as sugar, clothes, sugar, guns, tobacco, and whiskey.12.5 million Africans were sold to slave traders.

The Journey to America

After Africans were captured they were shackled, chained and march down to forts to be transported to slave ships, some of the slaves were in bad health from the treatment of the slave traders. Slave Ships carried 400-600 slaves, slaves were cramped together crouching down or lying down still wearing shackles. Slaves slept on the floor side by side still in chains, the living conditions were appalling the excessive heat from their bodies was intolerable, the floor was covered with blood, feces, vomit, and urine. Some slaves refused to eat and were forced to eat if not they were whipped or beaten.

Some of the slaves were so depressed, while others took their own lives. Slaves were brought on deck sometimes so they could excise and dance for the captain and his crew.

Women and Children

Women and children were kept in a different department they were allowed to go on deck, helping with the cooking. Women were molested, raped and sexual and beating disfiguring their bodies. Slaves were treated worse than animals, there was nothing they could but to help themselves.


When ships landed at docks, Africans were put in a room so they could clean themselves, greasing themselves until their skin skinned. Slaves were auctioned off to the highest bidders, once they were sold they were the property of the masters. The Master was in control if they disobeyed they would be whipped or beaten.

Slaves Played a Role in The Growth Of America

Slaves played a major role in the economy of the United States, especially in the North and South. Slaves were brought to America to work as slaves in houses, farms, and Plantations for their masters. Some of the masters developed a relationship with their slaves after they were freed, they were offered homes and wages. Most of the slaves had no place to go so they stayed, the master charged them for housing and other supplies they used. After they paid their debts there was no money left, they had to stay.

Immigrants Are Here To Stay

It's Ironic how hate groups and other whites can hate Africans, who had no choice but come to America. Like thousands of others, some of our ancestors help the making of America through blood, sweat, and tears. Believe it or not, you won't get rid of Blacks they are here to stay.




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