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FAMOUS HAUNTED PLACES--Afterlife Convicts Still Haunt Alcatraz

Updated on March 11, 2011
Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay -- Christine B. (2009)
Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay -- Christine B. (2009)

In 1859 Alcatraz saw its first prisoners, and then in 1861, Alcatraz started to receive Confederate prisoners.  Al Capone, Alvin Karpis, Robert "Birdman of Alcatraz" Stroud, and Machine-Gun Kellywere a few of the infamous public enemies that came later.It was the perfect place for a prison thanks to the cold waters of the San FranciscoBay, the fog that moves in every evening, and the sharks that frequent the bay looking for seals.  Alcatraz was not a rehabilitation faculty… it was a place where most prisoners came to die. There was no running water, no heat and no latrines. Prisoners were often bound by six-foot chains attached to iron balls, fed bread and water and confined in "sweatboxes" as punishment.  Many of the prisoners who served time in Alcatraz ended up insane. The conditions at the prison were so intolerable that many prisoners found unique ways of taking their own lives, which was their only way to escape The Rock.  All of this mistreatment was a prime precursor to hauntings.

One of the most haunted areas of the prison is a corridor in C block that has been sealed because every time the night guards would go by it, they would hear clanging sounds.  When they would investigate the area, nothing was ever found.  As soon as they closed the door to the corridor, they would hear the clanging sounds again.  Sounds of someone running through some of the other corridors of the prison have also been heard by the night watchmen… and no one has ever been found when the noise was investigated.

Cell 14D in the “Hole” is always cold, no matter how warm the outside temperature gets in the bay.  According to a former guard who worked in this area, an inmate began screaming within seconds of being locked in cell 14D. He claimed that some creature with "glowing eyes" was locked in with him.  The man’s screaming continued on into the night. The following day, guards inspected the cell and they found the convict dead. A horrible expression had been frozen onto the man’s face and there were clear marks of hands around his throat!  The next day several guards who were performing a head count noticed that there were too many men in the lineup. Then, at the end of the line, they saw the face of the convict who had recently been strangled in the "hole"! As they all looked on in stunned silence, the figure abruptly vanished.

Some other unexplained incidents reported by visitors and night watchmen have been: sobbing and moaning, inexplicable smells, cold spots and spectral apparitions.

Tourists arrive at Alcatraz on a daily basis from San Francisco.  They take ferrry boats to the island, tour the abandoned prison and then return to The City.  But some of those who were sentenced to serve time on The Rock never leave… and endure more than a life sentence there.


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    • Christine B. profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine B. 

      8 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      Thanks, Mod2vint. Check out my web site: Lots of interesting things to read there. :o)

    • mod2vint profile image


      8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Morbid but interesting! My oldest daughter loves this stuff!


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