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Ahool the Giant Bat - Mysterious Flying Creature from Java Indonesia

Updated on May 30, 2012

Getting Familiar with Ahool the Giant Bat

In this world, we must realize that we are not the only living beings that live on earth. What I mean is that besides human, there are plants and animals that share the environment with human on earth. Yet, what common people often forget is that there are still many rare to be seen animals and plants that perhaps may make those people shocked if they encounter them. In this article, I want to discuss about certain animal that becomes more famous all over the world because of its uncommon size and shape of body. Actually, the chance in meeting rare and unique animal will be higher if you visit a country which has many forests. For example is a country located in South East Asia that is Indonesia. There are many islands on such country. Yet perhaps that can give big contribution in discovering uncommon animal is the Java Island.

Ahool, the giant bat
Ahool, the giant bat
Ahool creature in java
Ahool creature in java

If you have ever visited Java, you may indeed have experienced not only rich cultures such as tasty food and arts. Yet, you will gain more excitement if you conduct adventure on its forest and mountain. For example is Mount Salak. There is a report that some people have discovered certain animal that can really make them surprised because of its size in the appearance. It is Ahool the Giant Bat. Some of you perhaps have a question why people call such animal that way. Before that, let’s describe it first. It is a bat yet having huge size of body. Approximately, such bat has the size of 1 year child yet if we extend their wings, the length may reach 12 feet. Just like a shape of a bat, the only uniqueness is only its size and also its head. It has the head of monkey. Most people also consider that its head looks like a human head.

A person who has encountered such giant bat for the first time perhaps is Dr. Ernest Bartels. He in the first time had no idea that such bat does exist. He experienced such bat in the first time when he heard a sound “ahoool” on the sky. When he looked above, there was a huge bat flew above him. In this case, you will understand right why people nowadays call such animal Ahool? There are indeed still many uncommon animals and plants that perhaps people never encounter before. Our contribution is only to maintain their existence to avoid extinction indeed.


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