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Oxygen required for the world - 3,726,380,185,000 liters of pure oxygen per day.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Prof.Mukesh Sharma.

Prof.Mukesh Sharma,IIT, Kanpur.
Prof.Mukesh Sharma,IIT, Kanpur.

Uses and Problems of CO2.( Green House Gas.)

Air Pollution's is importance to us as we have to breath daily 550 liters of Oxygen in the air daily for each of us on this earth.However to control air pollution by Industrialists and Individuals.the pollution control of Carbon di oxide which is harmful on our health and nature we have to individually contribute our efforts. Industry has to obtain a no objection certificate before they start.It is Legal and Mandatory.Even after start of production they have to get consent by authorities.A approach to Zero pollution by Industry is a welcome sign.E I A that is Environmental Impact Assessment is another certificate that the Industry has to obtain.Whether these certificates are obtained and the people who are emitting this toxic air are with in the prescribed limits has to be checked and this is the job the Air Pollution Control Board.We all know that this is never checked and factories producing chemicals dump their waste in any place they find there are no people living around and observing them dumping their waste.Con we punish these people who produce this toxic air.With the world population at 6,775,236,700 we need 3,726,380,185,00

How to stop Air Pollution.

Air gets polluted in city's by many ways.The automobiles,the industries,smoke from every type of fuels used by any person in any place.Let it be a kitchen or a 5 Star Hotel they too produce CO2 in many ways all the time.

A friend of mine presented a solar cooker which was a small box but cooked my meal very nicely.90% of my cooking was done on solar energy.The type of food cooked needs very little gas and a gas cylinder of 16 kg will last for 5 months.The problem is we cannot fry in solar energy at home.We in India like fried food better than boiled food. Another problem is Sun Shine required.Every home needs a solar space to cook solar food.I do not see how people will be able to make their home solar friendly not only for their bath room but for kitchen.Street lights with solar power is possible but there are no takers in our govt controlled power production.Every home should be equipped solar water heater and it should be made mandatory by the govt and 80% of the cost to get the required system must be reimbursed by the govt and their hydro power used must get 10% rebate in their monthly billing of power consumption.This must be a national policy in every village and city.Like wise it must be the policy of the country as a whole to allow anybody to produce Wind Power.We do have a country that has no Air and Water pollution.

Lectures 21 Video's on Pollution by Prof.M.Sharma.

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How to Punish Co2 Producers.

Would 2 year Jail be OK

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