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Alexandrian Library's scrolls, and the "Arc of the Covenant"

Updated on January 3, 2013

I have been thinking about the ancient Alexandrian Library's scrolls, and the "Arc of the Covenant" in the couple last days.

The Alexandrian Library Scrolls

Recently I have seen computer graphics of the Ancient Library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt. That building was the size of a modern stadium.

I have been thinking that a building that size must have been built from stones, not wood. Even if the shelves inside the stone building were made of wood, the Alexandrian Library must have taken days to completely burn down. I am sure that many of the locals, and probably some nonlocals rushed to the library building, together with the firefighters of the times to put the fire out, because it was one of the most important buildings of the city. There were no universities at the time, so the Alexandrian Library was THE place of knowledge and science of the ancient times in that wider region. Note that fires were much more frequent at those times because timber was much more widely used, so there must have been firefighters, in big cities. Alexandria was one of the most important city in Africa, Europe, and Wester Asia (middle East).

Now, if it took days for the Alexandrian library to completely burn down, all the librarians, researchers and scientists of the times, together with local volunteers must have had enough time to take most of the ancient scrolls out of the flames. Even if it wasn't most of the scrolls, there were still huge amount of scrolls that were saved. And another thing, people who worked in that huge library must have know which scroll had the most valuable knowledge in them, so probably secured and prevented them first from the fire. Probably even risking their own lives while saving the scrolls.

Now after all this, I have one question that nobody seems to ask:

Where are all the ancient scrolls that were saved for the fire of the Alexandrian Library?

What do you think?

Do you think that many ancient Alexandrian scrolls still exist today?

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The "Arc of the Covenant"

This is not related to either to ancient Alexandria, or its library, but it is to ancient Egypt. I have read somewhere on the internet, I think by Nasseem Haramein, the first real explanation of what the "Arc of the Covenant" really could have been. Clearly it wasn't just a big box with some scrolls, or something in it. It could have been a giant capacitor. Lets just put aside speculation that it was made by aliens and had laser devices inside it. Observing the design and the materials that made it, the Arc of the covenant as a box itself must had been quite powerful, especially in the desert heat, and the hot summer winds in the desert.

What do YOU think?

Do you think that the "Arc of the Covenant" could have been a giant capacitor?

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So what do you think? Please share your opinion in the comments below.


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