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Alien Contact made on Mars

Updated on October 24, 2016

Nili Fossae

Criterion for contact

Physicists and astronomers have been telling us for decades that if extra-terrestrial contact were to be made - and accepted as such - it would probably be done through the medium of mathematics. Either we or they would use some form of mathematical device or symbol or equation to make our intelligence and presence known. It is the argument of this article that such a form of communication has been made and can be seen on the surface of the planet Mars. There are many examples on other worlds for just this type of communication.

Earth based pictoglyphs

Written in the desert
Written in the desert
On cave walls
On cave walls

It has been common for humanoids to use whatever medium was at hand to produce images and forms of writing from the beginnings of civilization. Why should this not be true for other worlds as well?

Lunar writing on land forms

The following location is on our moon about two hundred miles northwest of Mare Imbrium. It appears to be writing in a different, most likely extra-terrestrial, language. A series of huge land forms had been sculpted - possibly millions of years in the past - by an ancient civilization on the moon. This is presumed to be some form of symbolic writing because rock formations simply do not develop into this type of shape. And there is clearly a uniformity to the "symbols" being used.

Written on the moon

Writing by lunar natives?
Writing by lunar natives? | Source
Darkened for readability.
Darkened for readability. | Source

The purpose of this monolithic writing may have been to pray to their god or gods or to contact passing alien spacecraft. Or it may have even been as mundane as a no trespassing notice or the signage for a business or governmental center. It may even have been used to designate a historic location such as the site of the first successful nuclear bomb test, like the Trinity Site.

There is even more land form writing located in Mare Imbrium itself which seems to be modern of production and consisting of coded messages used by extra-terrestrials. This is covered fully in the book Alien Threat from the Moon.

Formula on Mars

The type of writing on Mars is different. It is in the form of a mathematical formula and it is very legible. It isn't certain if anyone at this time has the solution to the problem or if it was intended by its author to have a solution. It may just be a way to get in touch with any other intelligent life form who sees it. The letters and numbers - seemingly a mix of human script and alien - have been carved into a blackboard like surface on Mars. Ironically, there is a surface on earth which looks almost identical of form and which also was used for message writing.

Blackboard like surface on earth

Earthly version.
Earthly version.

Martian writing surface

Nili Fossae Region
Nili Fossae Region


Formula outlined in red
Formula outlined in red

Sharper view

Two views of the formula.
Two views of the formula.

Two different scripts


This formula appears to be two sided. On the left side it reads: Y 3 = t - 1 in a script humans could understand. On the right side of this is undecipherable writing which may in fact be of an extra-terrestrial origin. What do both sides of the equation mean? Is this contact with another intelligent civilization? is this exactly what physicists and astronomers have been urging us for so many decades to be searching for?

The formula was probably written by one of the earlier native Martian civilizations which are fully covered in the book "Aliens, Masons, and Sasquatch on Mars." And there is much more to study in this area of Nili Fossae. It is an active site of examples of alien writing. The mathematical formula seems, at this point, to be just one of many locations of written forms of communication.


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