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All You Need to Know about Building Surveyors

Updated on September 11, 2012

Ever heard of a building surveyor? If you pose this question to many people, you will not be too impressed with the responses. This is because many people in the society see any profession that is related to surveying as dull and boring when compared to other professions such as medicine, nursing and engineering. Thus, do not be too surprised when some of your respondents cannot differentiate between a building surveyor, quantity surveyor and other professionals in the building industry. By the time you are through reading this article, it is hoped that you would have gained sufficient knowledge about building surveyors, so as not to simply think of them as some ‘building-related workers’.

Building survey as a profession can be traced to the United Kingdom where it became established in the 1970s as a proper profession before it then spread to other parts of the globe. The profession may to the untrained eye appear easy or not too demanding but the truth is that being a building surveyor can be an extremely busy assignment. To join the prestigious league of the building surveyors, you have to undergo special training in the higher institutions where you will receive lessons on many areas that are related to construction.

Building surveyors are trained to be able to building plans and ensure that projects are inspected from time to time in order to ensure that the builders follow the laid-down rules and regulations. This is especially important so as to ensure that buildings are safe and stand the test of time. Failure to enforce construction rules can lead to buildings crumbling shortly after they have been constructed, and this is the case in a few countries around the world where builders pay little or no attention to the national building codes.

Although building surveyors have the necessary are training in construction standards, many of them specialize in certain allied areas. These include;

· Town planning certification

· Property legislation advice

· Construction solutions

· Defect investigation

· Code development

· Project management

· Construction law

Therefore, one can see clearly that contrary to the opinion of many, building survey is a very vibrant and interesting profession. Building surveyors are appreciated and in high demand in numerous countries, especially theUnited Kingdom,AustraliaandNew Zealand.

It is easy to assume that building surveyors deal only in large corporate projects and skyscrapers but the fact is that these professionals are involved in all types of buildings, irrespective of the size, location and use. Thus, in many nations in Western Europe, building surveyors are involved in the construction of government buildings, company offices, residential apartments, educational institutions, religious centers, industrial plants, towers, communication/broadcasting masts, health centers, subways, airports, factories just to mention a few. Therefore, looked at critically, it becomes quite evident that opting for a career as a building surveyor can prove rewarding and interesting, far from being dull.


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