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Reunion Lessons

Updated on November 23, 2016
My classmates 40 years later - they look great, don't you think?
My classmates 40 years later - they look great, don't you think?

I recently went to a chick luncheon with some of my school buddies. It was fun seeing how all of us had grown and aged. Interestingly, two had been brunettes before, but now we were blonds (we all greed that it blends in better with the gray hair).

We all tried to impress each other with the latest technology (iphones), however, slow and shaky hands were not the only obvious drawbacks, but failing sight and short memories. I finally pulled out an old address book and asked them to fill in their information! Can always add it to the iphone later, right?

One of my friends from high school - personal photo
One of my friends from high school - personal photo

One of our small group had ten children and umpteen grandchildren. She had always been the most organized, and most definitely deserved to have a large six bedroom home to take care of her large family who all planned to visit for Christmas.

The waiter at the little restaurant had a hard time getting our orders, because we kept talking and laughing. He finally just left us free time to reminisce.

I mentioned one good looking boy that three of us had competed for. I admired his looks, one friend dated him and the other ended up with him for some time. She thought she had won him over, but was surprised when I informed her that he was gay!

Chick reunion - my friend from high school. Personal photo.
Chick reunion - my friend from high school. Personal photo.

We had all suffered different health issues, but felt fortunate to still be alive, considering others of our class were not nearly so lucky.

Our friendships had lasted through the years, during good and bad times. One of our friends had lost a daughter to cancer. It definitely was a difficult time to hear about on Facebook, and especially in person about her daughter’s cancer treatments, remission and final demise, leaving behind three young children. Life always seemed to throw us a few surprises that literally took our breath away.

My friend with her iphone. Personal photo.
My friend with her iphone. Personal photo.

I had always felt like the odd one out in the group. I was the shortest, less talented, and somewhat of a dimwit. It was still obvious as one by one, my friends reached in their satchels and brought out a treat for the others. The first one brought out something very practical and useful. The next a bit of Christmas cheer and a fun kitchen tool. The organized one surprised us with a tasty chocolate delight. Somehow I didn’t get the memo, and started panicking about what I might find in my purse of any value to share with the others. I could offer them a stick of gum, an alleve or two perhaps? Duh!

Incidentally, I was the first one out of the group to be married, and also had been the first one to be divorced. I guess I hadn’t always made the best choices. Out of all of my so-called friends, only one of them had come to my rescue and accepted me with all my flaws. She even met her husband when we were out together one night. Her reward for her charity towards me.

Two of the friends had been geniuses in school, and had received prestigious scholarships. No matter how hard I tried, I had fallen short of the requirements. Eventually I had graduated from collage, after all of my children had their degrees. One started her own business and was doing quite well, and I was one of her best customers!

Our get together with old school chums had summoned up many memories, good and bad, and I learned the embarrassing lesson to always have a treat to share on hand.

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We had our lunch at La Jolla Groves, and it was perfect for our little Chick Reunion. We needed a place that was not rushed and not too noisy, so we could enjoy our conversation.

Merry Christmas!!

La Jolla Groves at Riverwood

4801 N University Ave Suite 510 Provo, Ut 84604:
4801 North University Avenue #510, The Shops At Riverwoods, Provo, UT 84604, USA

get directions

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