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Control Over Our Future, Or Do Things Just Happen

Updated on October 28, 2011

What am I Doing Tormarrow?

Are we in control of our lives? What are you doing tomorrow? There are so many times when I have made plans for the next day, and I get up and get ready to go, to find out that the car won't start, or someone rings the phone to tell me that something has happened to someone I know, and I end up visiting them in the hospital instead.

Or even worse, you get up and get ready to go do whatever it is that you have planned, and the next thing something completely unexpected happens, like you get to the corner, and there is red lights flashing in your rear view mirror. You pull over and the next thing you know you have handcuffs on, and you find out that you missed a court date for that speeding ticket.

There have been days in my life, when I got up in the morning, and I knew it was going to be a hard or bad day, because for example I was completely broke, and a certain bill had to be paid, or my electric was going to be turned off.

Situations like these come uip all the time. We think that we know the outcome of what will happen, when suddenly the most unexpected thing in the world happens, and your day, the one you thought you had completely planned, was changed, just like that.

For example, one day I had planned on just relaxing, watching a good movie, having a light dinner, and enjoying doing nothing in particular. I went to the store for milk, and when I got back home, I found the fire department there, squirting water in the front window, all over my furniture, computer, and everything.. Boy, that was one day that did not go as planned. Not only that, but it changed my whole life and the way I lived it for years.

Another example would be the day I got up knowing that my landlord was evicting me, and I knew that if I did not find somewhere else to live, I would be living in a motel. I was completely stressed out, and by the end of the day, I not only had found a new place to live, but the person who owned it called me up to see if I would move in, the first month free.

Why do things happen like that, and how is it that we think we are in control of our existence? I have had days, where one minute everything was fine, I was happy, and in the next minute I was in the worst situation I had ever experienced. A child gets hurt, someone dies, we win money. One just never knows.....

So, I say, never get too comfortable with who you are, what you have, where you live, or any of it, for in the blink of an eye, everything can change, and there wasn't anything that could have been done to change it.


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