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American Cultural Downfall

Updated on July 4, 2017

Pick Anything

Every aspect of our being in this country is affected by the overcrowding in this country. Name it and you would be hard pressed to find something that hasn't been changed by it.

Things that we, as Americans have enjoyed for years cannot be enjoyed anymore, not by us anyway, because of the overcrowding of so many that do not understand our culture and could not care less about it.

We are forced to learn about theirs simply because they "Have to be Here".

Thus, now our children are forced to learn about other cultures before they are even able to learn about their own! A good example of this kind of Cultural downfall is our schools. It is unfair to immerse our younger students in such radical education about other cultures, which they are taught anyway through the years, that they only need to learn about as a form of social studies so that they can be well rounded, while learning mostly about their own country and culture,America, as a comparison of how each country lives and how good we have it over here so they will appreciate what they have.

Well, this is no longer taught in our schools here in America anymore. People are so worried about affending and not supporting our rights, by the way we do have rights. It's not just for other countries.

Favorite Pastimes

For years we have enjoyed sports,parks and outdoor activities. I mean, even people that don't even like baseball will go to a game once in a while because it used to be enjoyable. But now, there's too much controversy of other cultures because they don't like it or like the way we celebrate it because that means we are offending them in some rediculous way. People have been enjoying our sports the way we have been enjoying them for years. It's not right for someone of another culture, where they don't even have the sport in their country, to come over here and tell us that we can't celebrate it because it is offensive to them. If we went to their country and complained to them that something they hold dear in their country is offensive to us they would either run us out or lock us up as a threat to them.

We don't do that here because we are civilized. But,then we allow them to do that to us.

Shopping Malls

When you go shopping in America ,as an American, what do you see? People,families,girlfriends,boyfriends,children having a good time, right? Yes!

But most of them are not from here and their children are not taught restraint. Our children are brought up with a certain amount of manners,compassion and for lack of better words, moderation in behavior. I'm not talking about kids running around, I'm talking about climbing up ornamental trees that are there specifically for decoration and ambiance and literal "wall climbing". The parents of these children do nothing about this,at all. If you sit in a shopping mall in America and just watch the people you would be surprised at what you see. A total lack of regard for anything American anymore.


Finally,this is the biggest slap in the face of all. Our employment in this country is deeply connected to our economy and our culture. Yet, it has been ransacked by other cultures coming over here to partake in the American dream. Now, before you go off on the deep end and get angry for me even saying that, think about this. Yes, Immigrants formed this country, I know! But not like this. Jobs are being taken away from Americans,still. I know I am not the first to write about this. The people that they are giving your jobs to are people that are suppose to be here temporarily. The money they make is not going back into the economy in America. It's going home to their country to their families, which I have nothing against, but you multiply that times a million and you would be hard pressed to do the math and find out how many dollars this country is loosing because of it. That's why there are no more jobs for Americans. Used to be that if you were a teenager it was easy to find a job. Not so much anymore for the American teenager. Just saying! Look around, this is not right!


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