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An Aliens Point of View

Updated on July 24, 2018
Surface of Mars as viewed from the Viking probe of the 1970's.
Surface of Mars as viewed from the Viking probe of the 1970's. | Source
A Martian gathering.
A Martian gathering. | Source

Dear Reader,

Please bear with me while I write a little sci-fi fantasy.

Let me introduce myself I am known as Darok. It is better I use my first name as you have no equivalent to pronouncing my second name in your vocabulary. I am what you would call an alien, an extraterrestrial and I have been living amongst you for many years.

My origin is from what you would call Mars. I am the survivor of a humanoid race (as you would call us) that was destroyed by the very things facing your world today. Things like nuclear armageddon, climate change and species extinction all caused by my kind on Mars. I would you tell the name of what we call Mars but like my second name, it would have no vocabulary equivalent in your vocalisation.

My world had a head start on your Earth. Life developed quickly and what you would call a civilisation of immense technological know-how developed over time. Like you, we had many versions of civilisation until eventually, we came to a period in our history when we could reach out to the other worlds in our solar system. We also had weapons of mass destruction not too dissimilar to what you have today. We had a version of what you would call the internet when reptiles ruled your world. We sadly watched their demise and watched the beginning of your species with interest.

However, our so-called civilization developed at a cost. A cost to the other species we shared our world with and alas my fellow Martians. We were at a juncture in our development similar to where you are at today. However through climate change and eventual nuclear war our planet was ravaged. It became the red desert world you see before you today. A frozen arid place not unlike your Atacama desert in Chile that your scientists compare my world too.

Once my world before the great disaster was not unlike your world. A world with oceans, streams, rivers, fauna and flora by the score. We destroyed our beautiful world through neglect, greed and war as you are doing today. We had our share of environmentalists inspired by faith or politics to stop our society heading for destruction but it was too late. Our atmosphere also became thinner leading to what remained of our people to live deep underground where we created an artificial world to sustain us. We managed to save much of our wildlife through our technology and also the plant life. Today they thrive again but deep underground not far from our subterranean world of artificial life support. Once there were 10 billion of us today we are fewer than a million but I thank the being you call God for our survival.

I am here on your world to live amongst you. Am I a spy? You could call me that. Do I bear your species any ill will? No only in the fact of what you have done to yourselves and are doing to yourselves, your planet and the other creatures you share your world with.

If you were to see me you would not think there is anything strange or out of place about me. My race is not that different from yours hence you would call us humanoids. Perhaps you would notice my feet and hands are smaller and possibly the back of my skull is slightly elongated at the back other than that we look like you. Remember Earth and Mars shared much in common thanks to the passage of meteorites back and forth from our respective worlds. These meteors brought life to my world 4 billion years as they did yours from Mars.

There will be a time when you will know us and know that we do indeed come in peace (although that is a cliche). We wish to point out the errors you are making and stop you from making the mistakes we made. However, we would never force you to change course for the betterment of your world, your people and all creatures on your world that is not our way.

We know you have plans to terraform our world and make it habitable for your species. This is something that deeply alarms us and interests us at the same time. We watch your probes and spacecraft and your technology observing our world. Occasionally we interfere as there are some things we do not want you to know about us-not yet at least. We do visit your world from time to time but do not make direct contact only to observe. You describe our craft as UFO's and are awed by the aerobatics of our craft.

So I take my leave of you for now. I will continue living as one of your own until the right time to reveal myself and my people transpires.

Mission to Mars.

Space X man:  Elon Musk.
Space X man: Elon Musk. | Source

1) Businessman Elon Musk owner and director of Space X.

2) Intends to have a private mission to Mars in 2022.

3) With NASA strapped for funds private business may well be future of space travel or part of it.

4) Musk sending an unmanned mission to Mars to look for water resources, hazards, putting in place initial power, mining and life support structure.

5) Second mission would be scheduled for 2024.

6) This mission would carry humans to the red planet.

7) The mission would be to build a propellant depot, storing of cargo carried by the first ship to carry humans to Mars and making sure craft could reach Earth from Mars.

8) After that, an initial Mars base would be set up. A city would then be constructed which would hopefully become a thriving beacon of human settlement on the red planet.

9) After this perhaps an independent civilization of settlers and their first born human Martians born on the red planet.

Mars may have looked a lot like the earth once.

Planet Earth: An abode of life in our solar system.
Planet Earth: An abode of life in our solar system. | Source

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