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An Illustrated Guide to Getting school staff to Cooperate with You, as a Parent

Updated on February 8, 2017


The number one thing for me to do, is to control me. I may not know about anybody else, but I know a lot about me. Let me tell ya'! Aches, problems, grief, hardship, I mean the list can go on and I mean daily, okay? So, the key issue with any task is to focus on oneself.

This helped me out recently, (Again), as I pulled out some old tools that I had to use some 10 years before, with my "other" child. So, what happened was: I had been told that my daughter had to enroll and complete a course subject, that she had just completed successfully (With an "A" grade). Only, I chose to not: #1. Blow up. #2. Get irate. #3. Yell. Instead? I just simply replied in a diplomatic manner and a proactive way conveying the heart of my concerns.

Research (Otherwise known as: Mom Homework, Ha!)

When there is a key matter that is being brought before me, whether through my own personal thoughts or byway of another individual, I make sure to start thinking. Uh, huh, that's right! I let me brain go to work! The next best thing to keeping oneself under self-control, is to begin to think about what is being said and how it applies to you and how it is affecting you. Then, you can begin to figure out a path to achieve the goal/outcome that needs to be reached.

Well, I chose to get my phone and begin to reach out to my daughters previous school. I contacted her last school counselor. I then started to communicate exactly what was going one, there was no need to sugar coat anything as what the current school counselor was doing is known as: Regressing my daughter in academics. That's a "Big, No-No" in my life. Which automatically includes my children's goals too. Just the way I roll as a person, woman, lady, mother and parent. I made sure to outline the issues in the email that I sent.

Take the Key issue to the "Boss!" Yep, that's right!

Sometimes, we as parents do not desire to be in the "Spotlight." Well, I know for me that is the case. So, I automatically didn't desire to be using my advocacy skills as a "Proactive Parent," OR as a "Student Advisory Member" Alumni. However, there was an earnest need for me to be my best "self" for my daughter's needs. I ended up, having to contact the school district. And then, I contacted the school's principal (who had by then been contacted by the Q & A Dept. of the School District and Fully informed of the shameful actions that one of their employees were performing).

It gave my heart, mind, body, spirit and soul great comfort to sit in the presence of the school principal that day and hear him say to me: Your daughter does not need any other Math courses. She has already completed (Satisfied) those Graduation Requirements!

In Closing: Remain an active, focused & positive parent for your child(ren)

In closing, it is "Totally Rewarding," when my child verbally and physically expresses gratitude for my proactive strides as a mother and as a parent advocate for her.

I believe that every parent ought to practice these key strengths.


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