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Ancient Civilizations: Chinese

Updated on July 2, 2012

When people started to roam away from the Sumerian area they traveled east. Soon they settled between the Wei River and Yellow river in China. The oldest civilization recorded in this area started around 5000 B.C. as with many other ancient cultures they settled upon this land because of the flooding that would happen periodically allowing the land along the banks to become very fertile. This land was perfect for growing and farming a variety of different crops.

Along with regular farming along the Yellow Rivers Banks they also had many domesticated animals that they brought with them. There has been evidence of pigs, chickens, and other animals that were part of everyday life in this region. There has been many unique archeological finds with colorful and unique pottery and other cultural arts.

Due to the area growing there needed to be leadership and laws established in the reason. The first Chinese dynasty was created here in 2000 B.C. The first dynasty belonged to the Xia family from northern China.

The Chinese established a set of laws similar to that of the Egyptian pharaohs. There was to be a dominate ruler who was referred to as the Emperor. They based it for of government on the Confucian model. The Emperor was in charge of protecting the country, forming military, taxes, and other responsibilities for the betterment of the people. It is known not all Emperors had the best in mind for the people and those that suffered where soon over thrown and replaced. The establishment of trade routes stretched all the way to central Europe. Soon many people desired some the fine silks and spices form these lands.

The Chinese bought and bartered what they needed and wanted. When they traveled they borrowed ideas of monetary exchanges for goods. This made it easier to carry large loads that they were able to lighten as they traded. The Chinese were also very adept in using the written language. Many forms of writing have been found on temples, statues, and monuments all over the valleys.

The Chinese were the first to develop a strong understanding of explosives. Which some of the techniques are still employed today in modern weaponry. They also used explosives in creating large fireworks that they used to celebrate holidays and festivals. Some of the first fireworks were estimated to be used around 200 B.C. The Chinese are rich in many forms of religion. Including, Buddhism and Hinduism. They were very adept at engineering, and one of the largest monuments to this is the Great Wall of China. Originally, built by Emperor Shi Huangd. It was used as protection against some of the hostile forces that were a constant threat to China. The Great Wall of China is also one of the only manmade objects that can be seen from the moon.

The 1st Chinese civilization brought to the world many wonders in culture, tradition, and religion that are still celebrated today.


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