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Ancient Forests and Mesa Structures

Updated on November 23, 2017

There Are No Forests on Earth

No Need For Flat Earth

OK. So I'm not asking you to buy the whole flat Earth bit. I know that's a bit too much for most rational-minded people. However the basic premise of this enlightening video is the simple idea that the mesa structures which are so prevalent in America (as well as other table-land mountain structures around the world), could, in fact, be what they seem to be, If we can seen through the eyes of a child. A mesa looks exactly like a tree stump.


First of all, lets take this idea and run with it.

  1. The formation of basalt columns can be described scientifically (and I will go into that later) yet this is considered highly impractical by laymen and one geologist's science blog even admits that: "Even the most austere scientist might find herself (or himself) gaping in awe at the flawless shapes and wondering if men or Gods carved those immaculate columns." (
  2. Along with this initial instinct or feeling that these columns are unnatural in formation is the mystery as to why they are hexagonal. In another online article there is the admission that: "Although volcanologists knew how these columns formed, it remained a mystery as to why they formed in hexagons, as opposed to pentagons or triangles or any other shape." ( Computer models have subsequently been trialed to discover why this is.
  3. However, without all that fuss, it is a simple statement to say that the cellular structure of living organisms is hexagonal in form. When these die and petrify the underlying structure will remain.
  4. Wherever a hexagonal structure is visible there is the base of a gigantic tree.

Structure of Cells and Basalt


Columnar Jointing

The columnar jointing of rocks (particularly basalt) can be explained by the fact that it is only present in igneous or volcanic rocks. This means that at one time the rock existed in a molten state as lava. when the lava cooled it formed hexagonal columns due to the nature and law of the economy of mathematics. Basically, it took up the least space. As it cooled the whole bed of lava contracted into the shape of a column. To most people this seems highly improbable.

Columnar Jointing Diagram


The Formation of Mudfossils

The formation of mudfossils occurs when an organism is covered over by a layer of soil, mud, sand, etc. when it dies. this retards the natural decaying process. The organism doesn't rot away and instead the body is preserved. This happens to animal and human life as well as to plants and trees if the conditions are right.

There is then seepage of groundwater into the cellular structure of the organism, which, over time, replaces the organic matter with mineral deposits, effectively turning it to stone.

Check out the homepage of Mudfossil University which produces scientifically proven records of this occurrence, as well as many videos on Youtube

Mudfossil University


Another good one to check out is the channel called Mudfossils. Both are highly scientific in their approach and quite down to earth and analytical.

Mudfossils Channel


Mudfossil Tree Stumps

So, assuming that mudfossilization occurs to many animals and plants around the world, and assuming that this has been taking place throughout history, and in the ancient past as well, look closely at rocks.

I have found mudfossil rocks near where I live. Anyone can identify them when you know what to look for.

But lets return to the trees. I admit it is a leap of logic to go from scientific analysis of mudfossil rocks to the belief that mesa structures are gigantic tree stumps. But the evidence is there.

However it does beg the question "who chopped them down?"


Another channel to check, which is a real eye-opener is Age of Disclosure:

Here be giants!

If you look closely you can see the features and figures of giants all over the world. This is not entirely scientific, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. A lot of the imagery here is not amazingly analyzed and could easily be wishful thinking or projection of belief onto pictures which just "look like" facial features. However there are some which are hard to discount. Some show bone structures.

And if we return to the original video at the start of this post, comparing the size of the people who chopped down the giant redwoods in the photographs, the giants themselves need not have been so very giant. But the trees were world trees.

Giants and Giants


Size Comparison

Take these pictures (above). If the stump of this redwood here is a table mountain, one of the really vast table mountains, think about the size of humans in comparison. We would be no bigger than insects or small rodents. The humans in this picture are the giants. Not so huge as the tree, but bigger than the insect-sized humans.

Is this possible? Could this, really, have been the way of the world in ancient times? It is food for thought. It is an alternative view. Consider the dinosaurs. Everything was bigger in the past.


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