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Animal Kingdom - Nests

Updated on August 30, 2015
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I am a high school teacher in Mathematics & Science.I was appointed by GOVT of TS in INDIA. My qualifications are M.Sc.,B.Ed. My Exp:20years


Nest of Gold Crest
Nest of Gold Crest
Nest of Kingfisher Bird
Nest of Kingfisher Bird
Weaver Bird Nest
Weaver Bird Nest
Ovenbird Nest
Ovenbird Nest
Tailor Bird Nest
Tailor Bird Nest

In birds, the breeding, hatching and upbringing of the young ones take place at a particular time of the year. It is called the nesting season. Birds build nests for the protection of their eggs and young ones. Generally, the nests are built some time before the birds lay eggs. Birds build different kinds of nests. But birds of a certain species always build a particular type of nest.

In case of human beings, intelligence and some acquired training are necessary for building anything. But the young birds have an inherent wisdom of time of the year, without having received any training from their parents. The inspiration for making a nest is instinctive in birds; it is hereditary and has been passed on from generation to generation. Birds build various types of nests, which are in harmony with their nature and fulfill their needs.

Weaver bird, sun bird and Tickell’s flower pecker build their nests hanging down from the branch of a tree. These large-sized sac-like nests hang vertically from the end of a twig. They have an opening on one side with a small hood over it. This opening is used as the entrance. The outer covering of the nest is made up of pieces of the bark of a tree, wickers, and excreta of ants and shells of spider’s egg. Weaver birds woven nest is the most beautiful and a piece of art. It has its unique identity and can be seen on the trees.

Tailor bird and robin, etc. Build funnel shaped nests by putting together leaves of trees. Some birds of this category build purse-like nests, which are suspended from either long grass or stems of bushes. Tailor bird builds its nest by sewing leaves together. That is why it is names so.

Swift bird builds its nest in dark caves of rocks or in caves on islands. These nests resemble a half-cup and are made up of only saliva, or saliva mixed with straw, feathers etc.

Owl, mynah, woodpecker, horn-bill, etc. build their ests in the holes of tree trunks. The hole may be natural or drilled in some rotten truck. These birds filltheri nests with soft material to prepare a thin cushion.

Kastura, swallow and martin birds bring wet soil a form rainy pond and mix it with their saliva to make their nest. Saliva does the work of cement. Meenrack and hoop make their nests on the projection caves of houses or moulds. They dig the soil by their beaks and remove it with their toes to make a horizontal tunnel with an opening towards a water source. These tunnels are several feet in length. They are cylindrical like an egg chamber with an opening at the end.

Quail, tern ad wild hen etc. make their nests on the ground by spreading grass or leaves on rags, straw, husk or peels. Sparrows use straw and leaves to build their nests on the trees ad terraces of houses. The nests are built in such a way that they are comfortable and the birds can hatch their eggs.


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