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Anomalous Activities - Paranormal Events Or Parapsychology?

Updated on March 26, 2012

Both my family and I have experienced some unexplained events over the course of our existence in this world, events which may have a reasonable explanation but from my standpoint even up until today none have been provided. Rather than detail these events in seperate hubs or post about them in related hubs, I have decided to bring them all together into just this one article. These are not conspiracy theories, they are personal observations by two other members of my family and myself. You may choose not to believe them, you may choose to ridicule them but whatever you decide or believe, these were very real seeming events. I already know that many anomalous activities are a result of parapsychology but these particular events remain unexplained in my opinion.

Experience 1 - The Haunted House

Although I don't remember it because I hadn't even been born at time, my parents swear to this day that a house they owned in the past was definitely and undoubtedly haunted. The house in question is actually now owned by the Church of England and an exorcism has taken place there. Strange things would regularly happen such as door knobs turning by themselves, loud creaking and backing noises from upstairs when no-one was there and even objects jumping across the room seemingly of their own accord. Whilst living at the house my mother had allegedly become possessed and launched my sister, who was just a small baby at the time, across the room as though she was nothing more than a rugby ball.

My grandmother had also experienced strange phenomena at the house, she always swore all the time that she was alive that she had been pushed through a window at the house by an unknown invisible force. This resulted in her having 57 stitches in her arm. If she were alive today she would tell you she did not fall, she was pushed! As soon as my parents moved out of the house all problems magically stopped. Many people who have lived in the house in the past claim extremely similar things.

Experience 2 - The Other Haunted House

Although I'm not actually a firm believer in ghosts, I have experienced something very strange in a house I was living in up until February 2012. The incident happened in 2005 when my ex-partner had gone away for five days. I had already been there for three days alone and was sat up on my computer at about 4am. All was quiet. Suddenly and completely out of the blue all of the childrens toys that were piled up in the corner of the room swiftly sprang up into the air and literally launched themselves across the room. They landed all the way over the other side of the 21-foot long room. I jumped a mile when it happened.

In the very same house there have been many times when I have experienced the smell of someone baking or cooking. It often smells like bread being baked or sometimes like biscuits. This usually happens around about the same time, between 1-2am.

Experience 3 - Daytime Ghosts In City Centre

A few years ago both my father and my sister claimed that they had an experience together. This incident happened in the middle of the day in broad daylight and they were together at the time. They both claim to this day that they witnessed the apparition of a ghost in the middle of our local city centre whilst many people were present.

When asked what this apparition looked like they claimed it was an oldish man with grey hair and a beard. He also had a walking stick. Eventually the apparition vanished into thin air.

Experience 4 - Triangular UFO Abducts Cow From Field

Nobody actually witnessed a cow being abducted, but when I was in my early teens I was sat in the back of my father's car travelling on a motorway when my father spotted a triangular UFO out of the corner of his eye. First he thought maybe he was seeing some kind of secret government stealth aircraft but then the triangular craft swooped down low to a field full of cows then suddenly stopped before shooting off at incredible speed as though it may have been abducting cattle. My father could not believe his eyes.

Experience 5 - The False Or Repressed Memory

Ever since I was a young child I have a very strange but kind of vague memory of an incident which I am unsure is real or not. Basically, I remember choosing this life. I remember being sat down and told that this was an important decision that I should think about carefully. Out of a total choice of three people I was given the opporunity to live as any one of them but I could only choose one... and this is the life I chose. Did this really happen? I have no idea but I do remember them telling me that I would have no memory of the event once I had been born into this life. There was also someone else there who was coming into this world, another being who claimed he would taunt me wherever I may go in life.

Experience 6 - Aliens Walking Amongst Us

My alien experience hub details how, in 2008, I witnessed an extraterrestrial being walking through my local city centre in broad daylight. Despite attempting to gain my father's attention to see what he would make of it, eye contact with the alien was made and via some kind of telepathic communication I was prevented from doing so. Read my alien experience for more information on this incident.

Experience 7 - UFO's in Abundancy

Ever since the alien incident mentioned above I have been able to see UFO's. I had never seen one before until after this incident had occurred. I have now seen too many to count and these sightings have become a regular thing. I also have one video clip and one photograph that I have taken of these UFO's although I haven't published them just yet.

Experience 8 - Communication From Beyond The Grave

After my grandfather had died, my brother, my sister and myself all had an experience at exactly the same time. Neither of us were together when the incident occurred. On the same day at the same time all three of us felt as though there was another presence with us and each and every one of us felt a comforting warm touch on the back of our shoulders which was kind of soothing. I am convinced that this was a result of some kind of communication from beyond the grave and that it was our grandfather letting us know that he is now in a better place.


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