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"Anorexia narsova" An eating disorder

Updated on November 21, 2014

Eating disoder !

Do not starve to reduce yourself !!!

It’s such an irony that modern girl often take to junk food and put on loads of weight on their body and when this exceeds at alarming rate, they think of reducing it by any mean and put their lives at they want themselves to be a zero size lady,for which they adopt many ways without thinking how much damage are they making to themselves.

Parents are troubled by this modern disease as their daughters refuse to eat what every one eats.This disease "Anorexia narsova" has become very common now a days among young girls.
Girls suffering from this disease are normally seen just eating salad and drinking water which is not an ideal way to reduce.It is indeed a foolish act, as it makes the body weak and unhealthy,It’s not that they don’t feel hungry but they in reality neglect food to stay slim & trim.
Some girls start dieting ,some opt for plastic surgery and some go for pills to cut their hunger Some girls do rigorous exercise and while some stop eating completely.Even Chocolates
and ice creams don’t lure them .They fore sake the pleasure of eating to attain the pleasure of slimming .Parents are not aware of the fact that their child is facing a big problem and they take it lightly thinking that their child is reducing ,actually this happens because people lack right knowledge. This disease comes in the category of psychosomatic.In this disease it is seen that even though the girl want to eat she is unable to eat because of her mental state of mind. Smell of Food irritates her, she might even vomit at the smell of the food.Girls stop socializing and they often become irritable. while Some become eccentric.

Symptoms of this condition are:-

Patients decrease the quantity of food intake. They become calorie conscious If by chance they consume more calories, then they will be stressed ,just worry how to get rid of those extra calories Taking laxatives every day becomes a habit,all this gradually starts dropping the weight and she becomes unhealthy and sick.
problems faced :-
Even at young age a person may suffer osteoporosis .girls becoming a prey to this disease find it difficult to conceive when they want to .deficiency of phosphorus and calcium leads to imbalance in the menstrual cycle due to imbalance of hormones.
one might suffer from High blood pressure.
During winters patients many face number of health related problems such as asthma ,palpation etc.due to hormonal changes Hair growth might increase.Patient often get an urge to eat in plenty or might just feel like vomiting seeing food.
Girls drenched in the figure maintaining issue might suffer from a paralytic attack.or a heart problem .We Must be aware that balanced diet is a must for our body protection. Protein, vitamins and minerals, calories and calcium are a must requirement for a healthy body.

Exercise is a compulsion for girls who want to reduce and everything
should be done within the limits. To reduce their body weight girls
should drink juice and water equally . Eating organic food helps reducing weight.
Fresh air is important to gain vitality .
Eat fresh fruits everyday but in moderation.
One must Eat fibrous food like rice chapatti, potatoes, oily and sugary foods should be avoided.
Don’t stop eating food ,eat short meals at frequent interval ..
Always consult your doctor while you reduce.It is a well known fact that Anorexia narsova disease is directly related to make sure that what is cocked is eaten by the patient.
Do not let your child starve to death in the name of slimming having short meals help children to reduce ,so we must adopt better ways to reduce than letting a child to starve


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