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Another True Life of Significance Story

Updated on July 8, 2017

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Book I wrote several years ago keeps adding chapters of Lives of Significance!
Book I wrote several years ago keeps adding chapters of Lives of Significance!

You just can't make this stuff up!

Fact is definitely stranger than fiction and who better than us to tell the story. Since the age of 18, I have known that the world that we live in is really quite a small place. Such is the case with this early birthday gift for a friend, as well as a reunion of ole friends. When I heard about it, I knew that I had to get it just for her!

Several years ago a high school friend and I were at lunch in Fort Worth, and we were talking about a mutual friend. We talked about how we wished that we had known when she passed, and the struggles that she had when she was here.

Such fond memories that we each had with this mutual friend. She more than I, but our friend had touched both of our lives in such a profound way, that I know this was her letting us know that she is still smiling down upon us both.

And just as she was the one that introduced us, she has introduced us to a couple of new peoples’ lives that she impacted even all these many years since her passing.

Allow me to share with you the events surrounding my friend’s early birthday gift:

On March 29,2017 Daniel copied a post from another social forum, to which he felt compelled to try to help reunite a High School Annual from 1978 with its original owner. Here is his original post on Facebook:

“From another social forum I'm on, a local group.
About 10 years ago I picked up this 1978 yearbook at one of the Bedford Library's discard pile. I've always thought I was a pretty good detective with the help of the internet, but reached dead ends looking for the original owner. I am in the process of getting rid of "stuff" and this yearbook is included in that "stuff" to get rid of. Before pitching it, I thought maybe I would ask if any of you know where to find the rightful owner, Leesa Edwards. One of her good friends (from the yearbook signing) was a Karolyn Doil.”

Top of Form

1) Daniel and I don’t know each other, and only became Facebook friends through this encounter.

  • Here is another interesting fact…Daniel and I do NOT share any mutual friends on Facebook. HOWEVER, after we became FB friends, one of his friends listed actually turns out to be several mutual friends as well as a couple of neighborhood babysitters that my parents hired to watch me in the summers.
  • Daniel saw a posting from Elaine, whom I am now Facebook friends with that wasn’t even someone that any of us went to school with. She was born and raised out of state! I believe a person plans their way, but God directed her steps to our hometown to help preserve the memory of Three Old Friends, and kindle & spark some new ones!
  • Actually God was moving through both Daniel and Elaine. Daniel through the desire to help get an annual back to its owner. And Elaine for picking it up at the Library not to mention getting her to Texas via Colorado.

2) Notice, he posted it on March 29, 2017 and I didn’t see it in on my Facebook feed until June 5, 2017.

  • It may have taken awhile for his post to appear in my daily news feed, but I believe it to be a Divine Appointment for my best friend’s upcoming birthday. The first Mother’s Day and her second birthday since her mother’s passing.
  • Interesting also to note that just 2 days before Daniel made his original post, I had sent Jana a post just to let her know that I was thinking of her and that I believed her Mom was smiling down on her daily.
  • You will never convince any believer that Jana wasn't on God's Heart then. And God only works through people!
  • This is truly my Daddy God at work. You can only see the fingerprints of our Daddy God, if you are looking for them!

3) Leesa always cared more about her friends that her own problems. I don’t remember exactly if it was during her senior year of high school, or if it was mine the next year, but I remember visiting with her while her head was wrapped in the most beautiful scarf with her beautiful smile despite the pain that she was in.

Many shunned or shied away from her thinking that somehow what she was battling would somehow jump on them. While she understood how scary it was for them, I know it must have been a very lonely experience for her as well.

This is why I believe that as Leesa’s and mine mutual friend, Jana is hurting through her first mother’s day since her mom’s passing, and soon her second birthday, she brought us ALL together to remind us ALL that Love and Life-Long friendships never die or fade away, they continue across time, space and Eternity!

I know Leesa’s memory lives on only through those of us who loved and cared about her while she was with us. Now so have all of you that have shared in reading this story of three high school friends.

I just couldn’t bare that her Junior annual would be tossed away without even a notice or a memory of what beautiful human being she truly was.

I loved how Jana signed Leesa’s annual, and it speaks volumes even today! “…I’m really at the loss for words. I guess I really don’t know what to say, but I guess if you are friends and you know it maybe you don’t need them.”

God truly works in mysterious ways just to show and shower us with His loving kindness. A Touch here, a whisper there! It's ALL GOD speaking and directing our every step across Eternity!

He also shows us that EVERY Life is a Life of Significance, if we would only stop for a moment to realize it.

Regardless of how small or large of an impact that you make in the world while you are here, YOU are Significant to so many lives that you might not have even even met yet!

© 2017 Cammy Walters


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