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Appearance, Personality, and Character

Updated on March 25, 2020

A person’s appearance is referred to one’s physical look – tall, short, fat, thin, attractiveness, etc. A person’s personality is referred to the ways one expresses oneself to the others – cheerful, stern, boring, engaging, open, talkative, etc. A person’s character is referred to how the other people perceive who the person is – honest, deceptive, kind, stingy, brave, timid, etc. Appearance, personality, and character play vital roles in our private and social lives as well as in the workplace. We spend a lot of time and energy to make our appearance to have a favorable first impression to the others. Then, we will use our personality to start a relationship with the people we like. But, it is our character that will limit what kind of friends we have, affect how we get along with people at work, and explain why our family life never turns out the way we want.


In an overcrowded, stressful, and everyone-minding-one’s-own-business world, we are conditioned to judge and form opinion based on people’s appearance. We do not have the time and patient to get to know everyone we are in contact with. Based on these subjective impressions, we choose the people whom we want to know better. We understand that appearance is not always what it seems to be. But, a favorable appearance opens door and opportunities. As a result, we devote a lot of time on clothing, cosmetics, and grooming to hide our shortcomings, enhance our strong features, and transform ourselves to what others expect:

  1. Clothing – we have different outfits for home, recreation, social event, workplace, etc.,

  2. Cosmetics – perfume, hairspray, lipstick, shaving cream, eye lash, toupee, etc.,

  3. Grooming – beauty salon, Gym, massage, etc.

    We treat people differently based on appearance and vice versa. It is a game that we learn to play in order to make it in the modern overpopulated world.


Through interaction, we come to know the person’s personality: talker or doer, emotional or calm, easy going or serious, open or reserve, generous or penny pinching, opinionated or complimentary, etc. A person’s personality can enhance as well as bring down one’s appearance:

  1. A handsome person with a loud mouth and a critical view has few friends,

  2. A stern looking person who is easy going and like to share personal stories will have many friends,

  3. An ordinary person becomes attractive with charm and persuasiveness.

    A person’s personality is a manifestation of how the person’s inner-workings interact with the surrounding people on a short term basis. As the person matures, the personality makes adjustment based on the demands of the surroundings:

  1. A opinionated loud mouth will learn to tune down one’s actions in the face of the shrinking friends,

  2. A carefree and unsuspecting person will learn to be more discrete after being taken advantage of,

  3. A cheerful and optimistic person will learn to moderate one’s view on life after reality check.



An attentive and honest looking person can be a schemer and spreading rumors to his advantage. A cold and cynical person can have a warm and caring heart. A plain and innocent looking person can be possessive, jealous, and or revengeful in a relationship. It takes time and certain circumstance to reveal a person’s character. A person’s character is a manifestation of how a person’s inner-workings attempt to solve uncommon problems under uncommon circumstances:

  1. Friendship and family are started with appearance and personality attractions. How long will they last depend on how people react in time of trouble and behave during mood swings,

  2. At the workplace, the appearance and personality only have a short term effect on how well the person gets along with the co-workers. In the long run, it depends on how the person reacts to criticism, handles mistakes, and solves job related problems,

  3. At the social gathering, appearance and personality play important role to the person’s popularity. Since the gathering is mainly for fun and game occurring after work or during weekends, the relationship remains superficial.



Our appearance, personality, and character determine what and who we appear to the others. They determine who can be our friends, what kind of family we will have, and or if we can be trusted in the job.

There are not that much we can do to change our appearance, personality, and character. Since we live in world of diversity, no matter what and who a person is, one will always be able to find a place where one belongs:

  1. To make a living, one can find work in the medical profession, academic institution, civil service, entertainment industry, in the shady side of the society, or in the underworld serving the needs of the darker side of humanity.

  2. In the personal life, one has few difficulties to find someone to get through a living that can be full of love, hate, joy, grief, suffering, disappointment, etc.

  3. Some people with athletic appearance, movie star personality, and agreeable character may seem to have an easier life. But they may suffer severe illness, short term memory, and or financial misfortune

  4. Some people with physical disability, dull personality, and unattractive character, may enjoy a healthy body, financial stability, and or peaceful and happy family.



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