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Applications of Computers in Dentistry

Updated on December 4, 2011

Applications of Computers in Dentistry

Dentistry is that branch of medicine which relies heavily on technology and highly implements new techniques. Everything done in dentistry, that involves research, teaching, administration or patient care is based on generation, storage and manipulation of the information. Computers are capable of handling large amount of such data.

In the field of dentistry , computers are used for a large number of purposes. They can be broadly classified as:

1.Administrative applications

2.Clinical applications

3.Other applications

Administrative applications: Computers are used in the administration field. They are aimed for a smooth running of dental clinics, hospitals and dental institutions.The various activities which are part of Administrative applications are mentioned below.

- Patient appointments and recalls

- Correspondence

- Billing and Accounting

- Inventory controls and supply orders

- Dental insurance claims

- Document preparation and word processing

- Referral information

- Missed appointments and follow ups

Clinical applications: Computers are also very much useful for the dentist in their professional practice.

- Patient records storage and retrieval

- Patient evaluation, examination and treatment planning

- Patient motivation and awareness

- Appliance designing using CAD, CAM techniques

- Storage of patient photographs, radiographs and study models

- Computerized imaging techniques

-Computerized Cephalometrics

-Growth prediction

-Radiovisuography (RVG) technique

-Clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.

Other applications:Besides administrative purposes and clinical uses the other applications include:

-Creating a data base of survey information.

-Case presentations

-Conference presentations

-Reviewing of literature

-Continuing medical education.


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