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Appreciating Mathematics So You Can Be Good At It

Updated on January 26, 2016

Why Maths?

So many students today run away from mathematics and any calculation related subject or course. I once did that too. I was so bad that it was hopeless teaching me; i would understand one minute only to forget the moment my tutor's back was turned. Everything that had to do with mathematics and calculations sounded scary to me. I would develop headaches and fever whenever we had a math class.

But i wasn't alone in this situation; even today when i've come to love and appreciate the subject, there are still thousands of students who would rather not have anything to do with maths. Bad right? Very.

Most students are scared of maths because their mentors and tutors themselves are scared of it also. Without even trying, they've somehow transferred the fear into the minds of the younger generation. The students are like, if so and so person can't do it, who am i do it? They have not really taken time to really look at the subject and see if it is as hard as it looks and as scary as it sounds.

When the topic 'Permutation and Combination' was introduced in my math class one day, i panicked. I felt it was going to be hard (at least the name made it look that way). I had not even seen or known what it was about but the name sounded big to me (so it should be big, right?) But as i listened and decided to confront my fear, i discovered it was actually one of the simplest math to solve. Now, i would rather solve a problem on permutation and combination than on surd.

The truth is, we can't do without math. Everyday around us we apply math, with or without our knowing it. From the time we wake up- taking our bath, to the amount of food to eat, to choosing the clothes to wear, to walking to the front door etc, we have applied so many aspects of mathematics. Seeing that math cannot be dodged no matter your career or vocation, it is a wise student who will then make up his or her mind to know math and study it.It is very important to come to terms with the fact that math is inevitable. You don't have to be a math/science guru like Isaac Newton, Micheal Faraday, or Galileo, but having a basic understanding of math and its underlying principles is very important and cannot be over-emphasized. Language changes from country to country, people to people, but math is stable. 1+1 still remains 2 be it in Spain, Germany, India, France or Britain.

Tips to becoming better in maths

Contrary to student beliefs, the essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple.


1. Appreciate the subject.

2. Be determined to know it.

3.Love your teacher or tutor. This may sound strange, but when you love someone you come to love what they do.

4. Remove all negative thoughts and ideas about math. Look on the good side, which leads to the next point

5. Look for minor real life application on whatever topic you've learnt or know (at least we all eat everyday and choose our clothes and drive our cars). This will make you understand/appreciate the fact that the subject is not a far-fetched thing and learning it is not a waste.

6. Learn to revise and go through what you learn each day.

7. Come to terms with all the formulars, methods, principles in math and remember them. Every subject is guided by a principle and math is not an exception.

8. Solve some exercises everyday. Just as writers are advised to write a little everyday to keep them flexible; so should mathematicians.

9. Develop good reading habits/skills, and avoid all forms of distractions.

10.Don't give up, nothing good comes easily.

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