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Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Updated on February 15, 2018
Sheryl Willetts profile image

Sheryl has been interested in astrology since childhood. She has studied and worked with many astrologers for over 20 years.

Aquarius New Moon at 27 degrees
Brisbane 16th February at 7.04am
London 15th February at 9.05pm
Los Angeles 15th February at 1.05pm

The Aquarius new moon solar eclipse is the second eclipse of the year. Aquarius is a unique energy, and so too is the fact that we only have one lunation within the month of February. No coincidence! It follows the Leo full moon lunar eclipse that we experienced 2 weeks ago. Eclipses are the most powerful events experienced. They herald endings and beginnings, encouraging us to leave behind that that no longer serves us in life to make room for new opportunities to enter. This is a new moon (beginnings) and it’s in the sign of Aquarius (authentic)! The sun and moon at 27 degrees reminds us that something or something’s are coming to completion. The number 9 in numerology speaks of the humanitarian which is one of the aspects of the Aquarian energy. Again, no coincidence.. Aquarius rules the 11th house in astrology which represents the groups that you belong to. It’s our tribe, our friendships, our connection out into the world and it governs technology, the internet.

This is our freedom to communicate across the globe without having to actually travel or even leave our homes. This solar eclipse might be a time where you will take a close to look at the people you are currently connected to. Perhaps some of these connections run there course! Do you need to cast your net further to connect with others? Uranus, who is currently residing in Aries, is the ruling planet of Aquarius and is sextile (harmonious flow) to this new moon. Uranus is freedom and independence, and changes direction without a thought. His energy is disruptive and sudden. His message is “don’t conform,” you are going in a new direction now, be impulsive and take a risk. Let go of old patterns and limited beliefs, and break free! It’s time to be spontaneous, Aquarius is the inner genius and quirky, some may even go as far as to say “strange.” Embrace it, take the time to connect with your authentic self, we all have Aquarius on our charts somewhere. New discoveries can be made under this energy, Mercury the messenger is conjunct (side by side) the sun and moon in Aquarius giving you new ideas in a different ways. Take these ideas out into the world, using the internet to connect with new groups or start your own group. Be authentic and unique! Live outside the box, you have possibly outgrown it anyway.


Astrological signs always have a counterpart. The other celestial body connected to Aquarius is Leo! The recent Leo lunar eclipse gave us the opportunity to have fun, be playful and most of all, it encouraged us to shine our inner light bright, take centre stage and be the star in our own show! Aquarius is saying “be unique and different.” Remove the mask, it’s too heavy to carry anyway! Allow others to see who you truly are without fear. Don’t follow the crowd and conform, break free of the status quo and be an individual, the world needs your light to shine brightly. Wherever the axis of Leo/Aquarius is positioned in your personal astrological chart, is the where your life is being eclipsed.

The other aspects of the new moon are Venus in Pisces sextile (harmonious flow) Saturn in Capricorn. This is good for focusing and committing to new business ventures. Mars in Sagittarius square (challenge) Neptune in Pisces, this is idealism and perception, you could be looking in one direction and something is going on in another direction. Jupiter in Scorpio is squaring the new moon in Aquarius, this simply reminds you not to overextend yourself, especially with all the new ideas flowing through you. Jupiter is trine to Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces, this is a gorgeous aspect for healing any past wounds that run deep. Jupiter is an expansive energy who is quite generous no matter what aspects he makes on the zodiac. At this time of the eclipse, all the planets are direct! This is a universal sign with a loud and clear message saying “just go for it!”

© 2018 Sheryl Willetts


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