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Archaeology, a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America

Updated on August 31, 2016
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 8 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

Magazine and Website Review

The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) is a great resource for the field of Archaeology. This institute shares the findings from the field of Archaeology in its bi-monthly periodical titled Archaeology. AIA further supplies a website also titled Archaeology. This is the AIA website that supplies "interactive digs" where one can experience an Archaeological dig first hand in a virtual format. Archaeology website is free to view. The articles, virtual interactive digs and information on this website share a gold mine of archaeological information. Both website and magazine are wonderful, highly informative and a great way to experience, learn, as well as understand the fascinating field of Archaeology.

I have been reading Archaeology magazine as a subscribersince 1981. It was already an established magazine when I first picked up an issue and read some of its captivating articles in a doctor's office. I will never forget how this magazine brought the field of Archaeology to life for me with the "World Roundup" article. The "World Roundup" article covers around the world coverage regarding Archaeological sites. I asked the doctor if I could take that particular issue home. I wanted to finish reading it. It was thrilling to be told "of course you may." Being someone who loves to learn, I sent for my subscription about 2 days after taking the issue home from the doctor's office.

Archaeology magazine is a great resource, explains in detail, and since that moment sitting in a doctor's office in 1981, I have learned much from each of its well written articles. I truly love how this periodical inspired me to learn more about the Archaeological field. It is written in easy to understand English. You do not need any knowledge about this field to comprehend the contents. Each article expertly explains the "technical Archaeological" terms for better comprehension from the reader. Archaeology magazine is designed to introduce plus teach about Archaeology.

Featured articles in the July/August 2009 issue included: "Diving into History" (latest underwater discoveries, "Update: Building the Great Pyramid" (new evidence of how pyramids were built), "Digging the Age of Aquarius" (about hippie commune, why worth preserving), "The Waters of Petra" (how this site is threatened), "Spain's Appalachian Outpost" (about a failed ambition in North America), and "China's DNA Debate" (How workers for the first emperor of China were treated and where they came from). Since these were released updates have been released in later issues; you can count on Archaeology to keep you in the archaeological loop.

I highly recommend the Archaeology magazine and website as vehicles to keep abreast of the ever changing, evolving, field of Archaeology. This magazine further includes findings from Forensic Archaeologists which I found very interesting. It is amazing what the field of Forensic Archaeology has been able to contribute in the huge field of Archaeology!

For those interested in this field, I recommend Archaeology magazine as a "must have." Archaeology is well worth subscribing. I have enjoyed every issue for over 30 years. I can hardly wait to get my next issue of Archaeology in the mail to find out more!

If you have not experienced this wonderful magazine, please do. You can write to: Archaeological Institute of America, 656 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215-2006 requesting subscription information for the Archaeology magazine; or email to: If you prefer to call, you may toll free (877) ARKY-SUB (275-9782).

To first hand experience a virtual interactive dig on the Archaeology website, please visit:

5 stars for Archaeology magazine and website


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    • aliciaharrell profile image

      Alicia Rose Harrell 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Thank you very much Ron.:D

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      hiit 5 years ago

      That's what I call a "great hub". Thank you so much.

      Ron from