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Girls are smarter than boys?

Updated on June 4, 2013

The Girls are Smart

When it comes to language skills there is certainly evidence that a Girls brain is more advanced than that of a boy for example at the age of 16 months old girls tend to produce up to 100 words whereas boys of the same age may produce 30, this extends to the schooling environment where writing, spelling and language tends to come easier to the girls.

One possible explanation is that we need more teaching from males in primary education. Only one in four primary schools have male teachers working in them, Education secretary Michael Gove in his speech said “We need more male teachers especially in primary schools to provide children who often lack male role models at home with male authority figures who can display both strength and sensitivity.” In this speech the education secretary recognized that children often lack male role models in the classroom meaning that it is harder for boys to understand how to act as a male and this also means that the classes are more "Female Friendly" because it was organised by a female.

the problem also lies at home as there is an increasing amount of single parents in the UK and the parent is generally the woman, he also stated his intent to launch a “troops to teachers” programme, aimed at turning members of the armed forces into teachers, which he says will boost the number of male role models in schools. the reason it is an issue is because if the boys have no male role model then they will have nobody to show them how to act and behave as a male so if there are female only teachers the possibility is that they will become confused and will be unable to get the best out of their education.

There are other possible reasons for why boys are being outperformed by girls such as the differences in attitudes towards studying, boys who are seen studying are considered ‘not cool’ and are often bullied for working hard in class, while this can also be true in girls it is at a much smaller scale than it is with boys who have managed to develop their own ‘laddish’ culture and anyone who does not ascribe to it is seen as an outcast. A teachers expectation of pupils can be disfigured at times, for example if the child is seen as a troublemaker teachers will often see him as someone who is unwilling to learn or less capable even though there could be a number of reasons as to why he is acting that way which are not tackled and so the pupil may end up being neglected by the teacher. Teaching assistant jobs are also an option to bring male teachers into the classroom without the need to go to university however it is very difficult to see this happening as males simply won't to do it so it might be that there needs to be more of an outside influence brought in to the classroom.

Changes in Society, Womens Rights in the World

Since the beginning of world war 2 the role of men in society has undergone a metamorphosis, the traditional family in the UK saw males as the ‘breadwinners’ while women stayed at home and looked after the house and kids however that idea has been challenged when the war broke out and the men went off to fight and that meant that someone else had to do the jobs that, until then the thought was that only men could do the job because of the physical demand it required.

women proved that they were just as capable as the men in performing these tasks which set major alarm bells off for our society but mainly for the women who, until that time where dejected to performing only menial tasks that didn't challenge their intellectual needs and decided that the best way to challenge the man orientated society was to start burning their bras in opposition. While this simply made a lot of men drool, it was their sound arguments and proven track record that got Women the rights that they should have had to begin with.

Another factor in the change in roles of men was the De-industrialisation of Britain, in the past 30 years Britain’s manufacturing sector has shrunk by two thirds which meant a loss of jobs and a change in the way the country went about its business in which Women, being very good at communication skills and organization have managed to gain a foothold in the work place.

Education was now the focus of our country and it is thought that this was a difficult transition for men who felt their masculinity fading away and had lost their role within the family unit, this has happened within one or two generations so it is understandable why society hasn’t been able to fully adapt to it yet.

"How can i Be more smarter"
"How can i Be more smarter"

Solutions to the Problem

There are a number of things the teaching authorities are trying, for example when Michael Gove became secretary he wasted no time in voicing his intent to get more male teachers into the classroom and giving them someone to look up to. They are also changing the national curriculum to include more ‘male friendly’ activities such as practical and problem solving exercises which the majority of males find easier and so they are looking for ways to incorporate that into the national curriculum.

Cracking down on the laddish culture is another way of trying to improve the disparity, the idea that its ‘not cool to study’ is the mental attitude that a lot of kids have at a young age so the theory is that by changing the pupils mindset of studying to a more positive outlook then they will be more open to learning new things ergo they will get better results. To tackle this issue a number of ideas have been tried but failed miserably and it is not hard to see why if we examine it, one of the ideas was that if you come into school you get a free pencil case with the logo on the front saying ‘it’s cool to be in school’, perhaps a re-think is in order on that one before they enact these ideas.

Outside of school has also been a beneficiary in the underachievement of boys also with the growing trend of single parent families and while it is not to say that boys are more affected emotionally than girls are with the breakdown of their family it is however mostly the case that it is the father that leaves while the mother keeps the children and raises them which confuses the boy because he has nobody to show him how he should act as a male.

In conclusion it is a very complicated issue and the is no one answer or solution to the problem and while teachers can do what they can within the classroom it still might not be enough as it depends much on the parents also, the best thing to do is to keep trying to find the root cause of the problem and to act on it as soon as possible.

Males Smarter than Females or Females smarter than males?

Neither females nor males are smarter but there are differences the two brains operate:

The left Hemisphere of the females brain is more dominant -This means that women are more adept at performing tasks such as Language, Lateral thinking, Linguistics, Inter Personal Skills, Communication and building Relationships.

The Right Hemisphere of the Males brain is more dominant - Meaning that males are better at tasks that involve Analysis, logical thought, deduction, observation, Critical thinking and sensory interpretation.

We are not at competition with each over because we are both made for different things, that isn't to say that females can't do the things males can or vice-verse it simply means that we find it easier and more comfortable to do the jobs that we are more adept at.

Who do you think is smarter?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • Duckworth Ann profile image

      lynn oliver 

      7 years ago from Atlanta,GA

      We need to look to environment to explain these differences. We so need to look at how differential treatment from an early age (alongside various other environmental variables) create very different outcomes. The belief boys should be strong creates much more aggressive treatment as early as one year. This also includes "much less" kind, stable, mental/emotional/social/verbal interaction and support for fear of coddling. This creates higher average stress that hurts learning/motivation to learn; more activity for stress relief; lower social vocabulary that combined with higher stress hurts reading and motivation to read. Higher muscle tension also hurts their writing and motivation to write. This also creates more social/emotional distance from adults and others that further hurts communication over time. There is also the additional problem of boys receiving love/honor only on condition of some achievement/status. When they are not achieving society exercises the stick of discipline or ridicule to help improve their efforts.

      Girls on the other hand are given much kind, stable, mental/emotional/social/verbal interaction and support from infancy onward. This creates lower average stress; higher social vocabulary; less activity; more close trust and communication with adults; more ease of writing that increases in knowledge and skill along with more motivation to learn over time. Since girls are given love/honor regardless of achievement this creates lower average stress for improved learning, but can also create more allowance to not push for more difficult work if they feel they do not really have those things in their interest. This can cause girls to remain more sedate in the more rigorous areas. So regarding more complex work, boys are hindered socially in different ways from achieving, while girls somewhat hindered by the more protected, more secure environment they are given. Of course, if I were to bet on who will eventually rise to the top in all fields (Yes All), I will say Females in time. Even if many girls do give up in such things as stem fields, over time, the girls will win out.

    • tuteramanda profile image


      8 years ago from beijing china

      because of girl's better performance in educaional area , so some people say that ,but what cause that?because the social oppression of men and boys

    • Dannytaylor02 profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      thanks for your in depth comment mate, i acknowledge that there are different types of intelligence and i certainly do not think that girls are smarter than boys period.

      it could just be that boys mature slower than girls and so that is why they show less progression in the classroom at a young age regardless of the subject. The point of this article is to try to pinpoint the reasons for that so that we can help to improve young males improve their scores, this is quite big in the UK at the moment and many strategies are being implemented to tackle the problem.

      in conclusion i agree but we need to do our best to breach the gap because it is just getting bigger and bigger.

    • alexznumber1 profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm sorry but I'm going to disagree with your whole approach. Language has nothing to do with intelligence and that's how you make your beginning point seem like. Or let me restate it like this. There is different types of intelligence. Men and women have their own features depending on hormonal exposure. Neither one is "smarter" than the other.

      Language you may say is one. Then here comes physics, math, which men are known for doing better than women. At MIT the majority of the students are males. Ok let me just respond to the beginning of your article. The reason women are usually better than men is because the corpus callosum in the brain is bigger which allows more communication between the two hemispheres of the two sides of the brain.

      Like I said its not because women are better are communicating means they are smarter. They are simply better at communicating. Just because a kid is autistic sees people as objects, just because some don't talk till they are more or less 10 years old does not mean he is "smarter"... Neither sex is "smarter" they just have their unique abilities.

    • joejagodensky profile image


      9 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Excellent Hub but too much information without breaking it up to make it easier to read. The old joke is that girls suddenly lose their intelligence to match the boys they hope to date. Gladly, many of them regain that intelligence in adulthood. Thanks for the stimulating Hub. Well done.

    • Dannytaylor02 profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      Haha that's very humble of you to admit and thanks it was my essay but I changed it a bit to make it an article

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I will have to agree that I personally believe that girls are smarter then boys, I have two young daughters and my eldest is 4 years old and I am not being biased at all when I say that she is so much smarter then me and I am 36 years old, girls are very smart and good for them!

      Nice Hub by the way…..


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