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Are You Suffering From Tension Headaches? Clenching & Grinding Your Teeth May Be The Reason

Updated on October 2, 2018
Angelo Grant profile image

Clinically diagnosed with Mandibular Tori Angelo has become knowledgeable about how to mitigate the effects of clenching and grinding.

What Happens in Your Mouth Affects More Places Than You Think

X-ray of mouth shows damage from clinching and grinding.
X-ray of mouth shows damage from clinching and grinding. | Source

Toothaches and Cavities Are Not The Only Reason Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Routinely

I visited the dentist recently to get some work done that I had been doing my best to postpone. And the following conversation evolved between the dental hygienist and I. This dialog is among the examples of why you want to visit the dentist regularly whether or not you have cavities. The dental hygienist on this particular visit was an extremely diligent woman, full of experience and wisdom (15-year career and two degrees). She is also an instructor at a local community college, so while she examined my mouth and cleaned my teeth she was gifting me with some very much-appreciated knowledge. I would like to pass that along. First, I asked her about something completely off topic. Is remineralization possible? In her graceful answer, she didn't discredit the value of remineralization but explained that there are several other significant reasons besides cavities why a dentist inspection of your oral hygiene is important.


A process by which the teeth self-repairs enamel

She asked me if I suffered from tension-headaches? I thought what an odd question, how does cleaning my teeth lead one to believe I'm suffering from headaches? I answered, yes, how did you know? She went on to explain that I had an extraordinary bite, the force of which was causing the base of my teeth to buckle also, it was rare to see such a pronounced overgrowth of a Mandibular Tori. I didn't know what that was so she pointed out that the protrusion of bone growth from either side of the surface of my mouth as evidence of a strong clinching habit. I didn't realize how unnatural that bone growth was until she showed me the anatomy of a properly formed mouth. She also explained that the usual culprit of the chipping and breaking of the edges of teeth was caused by clenching and grinding also known as bruxism. I didn't realize I had this habit but, the evidence was overwhelming. How do I correct it? She explained that she had the same issues and wears a night guard, that she picked up at a local pharmacy. Okay, but what about the extra bone? For this answer, she deferred to the doctor/dentist entering the room. The dentist with no knowledge of the conversation I had with the hygienist, also recommended a dental guard. He explained that surgery to remove the bone could be as costly as $2500 for each side and would be required if braces or dentures were in my future desires. Clenching can easily be a habit you have without recognizing it until it is pointed out to you.

Retraining From Clenching And Grinding Can Stop Painful Tension Headaches

When the dentist seen the extent of my manibular tori overgrowth he said, "Pray you never need dentures, because you'll have to surgically remove all that excess bone"
When the dentist seen the extent of my manibular tori overgrowth he said, "Pray you never need dentures, because you'll have to surgically remove all that excess bone" | Source

Mandibular Torus (Plural Tori)

Is a protruding growth of bone along the surface of the mouth closest to the tongue. The bone growth has some correlation to genetics but is mainly due to the pressure and trauma caused by clenching. In the worse cases, the tori touch each other. The tori can be removed by surgery but regrowth is possible because of continued stress.

To mitigate the stresses that cause the tori to grow wearing a guard like the one below is recommended.

My DenTek night guard soaks in 6% Hydrogen peroxide solution for good oral hygiene.
My DenTek night guard soaks in 6% Hydrogen peroxide solution for good oral hygiene. | Source

Now that you have read this article the evidence of clenching and grinding is unmistakable. However, wearing a just about any dental guard will put a stop to the devastating local stresses within the mouth that causes the growth of a Mandibular Tori, tension headaches, and other malignant effects.

© 2018 Angelo


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