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Are the Earth's Magnetic (North and South) Poles About to Flip?

Updated on April 18, 2019
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How does a Magnetic Field Reverse Itself?
How does a Magnetic Field Reverse Itself? | Source

Are the Earth's Magnetic Poles about to Reverse?

I'm not an alarmist, but after reading the UK's Daily Mail scientific writing on the possibility of Earth's magnetic fields reversing, I might change my mind. According to this article, the magnesium elements in the earths core are oozing around underneath us, pulling outwardly on atmospheric forces, with solar winds changing, so we might be experiencing the beginning of a flip-over of the North and South Poles. After reading the article, it mostly alleviates my fears that the earth will tumble over on itself like a big egg, but nonetheless, the magnetic structure would change so drastically over a period of years that the north would literally become the south and the south become the north. In the terms of a magnet, the forces of magnetism would reverse and flow the opposite way. It would apparently effect the ozone over the earth and allow solar rays to penetrate areas of the earth in so powerful a way that much of the earths surface would become uninhabitable.

Now they are talking in terms of 100,000 year events, and they don't suggest a date of the next event, however studies show drastic changes in the molten iron and nickel within the earths core are draining magnetic energy while we speak. If the poles actual flip, it will change essential forces controlling the earths surface and could cause pinch holes in the earths atmosphere, leaving us exposed to cosmic radiation, power grid failure and other calamities. Scientists further suggest that there would be drastic climate changes, and supposedly there is evidence of a flip already occurring in the South Atlantic near Brazil, that are giving strong evidence of a full flip occurrence.

Effects of flipping the Earths North/South Poles could be things like a substantial increase in magnetic radioactivity, ultra violet rays and particle stream from the sun invading our atmosphere. Next the biggest impact on human life would be the total loss of power grids and satellite communication, with total severity depending on how rapid the change of magnetic fields take place. Possible loss of human life could be in the hundreds of thousands, due to widespread loss of power sources, and cancer-causing solar exposure with radiation levels increased at the Earths surface by 4-5 %. Life could be radically changed on this planet.

The magnetic field that begins in the center of the earth, flows through the earths surface, and extends upwards thousand of miles into space and its magnetism effects all levels of energy, power, wind direction and flow, global communication, as well as holds the protective shield of atmosphere above our heads. This includes cloud cover, airflow, gravity, ozone and many other elements of our worlds substance.

Now that I've read this, I realize that the magnetism and flow of energy within the earth is critical to our existence, while matters of health and navigation for mankind and animals are all impacted by the North and South Pole. I propose that with past civilization such as the Incas, Mayans, Noahs flood, Egyptian, African, and Chinese, they were all met with similar challenges to their existence within the Earths biosphere, magnetic Fields, solar activity and many other phenomenon, just like we are today. Many scientists are becoming alarmed and want to protect and change our legacy and impact on the Earths existence. However, It is a matter of sub-eternal time, humanities choices of using Earths resources, scientific contribution, religious belief, social acceptance, and re-population of this grand globe we live on: All these will determine our future and time will tell all.

Oscarlites/ Hubpages. Jan 31, 2018

© 2018 Oscar Jones


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