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Are we Perfect?

Updated on January 21, 2013

No one is perfect but some become great.

The perfection means that nothing requisite is wanted and having the degree of excellence. So no one in this entire gigantic universe can be perfect except Allah Mighty who is complete in itself.

He has no rival and nothing is beyond His knowledge. (Al-Quran)

If we know this that we are nothing more than deputy of Allah Mighty then can we claim we are perfect?

This universal truth that “divinity is perfection, to err is human” dignifies the fact, to reveal the reality.

Every one of us is connected to others through relationships of brother, sister, daughter etc but we are not utterly successful in keeping applaud able terms with everyone. Either we will be hurt by someone or someone will be hurt by us.

Nothing and no one is perfect. It just takes a good eye to find those hidden imperfections.

Only few hundred years back man used to live in stone-age having no facility of life at all. Then gradually he commenced the discoveries to facilitate one self. Though humans have touched the sky, slipped on moon, invented cell phones, T.V but, if humans would have been perfect they must have revealed all the hidden secrets of the universe.

Holy Quran also orders the conquest of the nature with the help of knowledge. We have boundaries for everything in our lives and we can’t go beyond those limits. We say we did a lot and yes we did! But not enough to say that the world ends on us and we are ultimately perfect.

It is a Greek methodology that if God wants to perishe someone He puts in the person’s mind that he is God (Ma’az Allah) and so that person considers that he has no rival and he is unbeatable. He demolishes his social and personal life too. This is what we call God complex.

Pride always hath a fall.

Narcissism is the phenomena which describes the trait of self love based on self image or ego. Person feels superior to others and get ultra confident so result of which one has to bear at last. History witnesses this fact that people who claim to be perfect Allah Mighty shows them the end of their perfection by wrecking them in some way. Names of Yazeed, Namrood and Hitlor etc are mentioned in this regard so that we can get a clue that how perfect we are!. One should learn from these examples.

No one is perfect that’s why pencils have erasers.

If we are perfect we have not lived! You know why? Because we have never learned anything because we are perfect…we have never felt any sadness or rejection… we are perfect so one will be good enough for us!

So at the end as a suggestion I would like to mention few more words.

We can never be utterly perfect or hone at anything. We can be the great ones because if world was perfect today, there would be no tomorrow.


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      Waqar 5 years ago

      Nice one

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      thank u :)

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      well written!:)