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Are you in favor of sex before marriage?

Updated on July 6, 2011

Interestingly, before writing out this hub today, I have done a lot of research and had conversation with a lot of my married and bachelor friends on "sex before marriage". Those friends of mine are both boys and girls between ages 18 to 30.

I asked each one of them one single question "Are you in favor of sex before marriage or pre-marital sex? The views they had given to me on this are really amazing. Every friend of mine has got a different view. Do you want to know what are their views?

You said Yes............isn't it? I think you are very tempted to read out all the views, which my friends have given on this really controversial topic.

So here are their views:

Gautam, a 20-year-old student said, "if I go into a grocery store and want to choose a good apple, I can pick it up and I can look at it. I would be pretty upset if the person in front of me started taking bites out of apples and putting them back in order to see if they taste good. Having sex before marriage is taking a bite out of the apple before committing to it (buying it). Often it means leaving it for the next person. When I have sex with someone before marriage, it is quite likely I am having sex with someone else's future wife.

Lets answer this poll and find out how many people say yes and how many say no

Are you in favor of sex before marriage?

See results

Sex before marriage yes or no

Love is vital than sex or not?
Love is vital than sex or not?
It is not premarital sex if you have no intentions of getting married.
It is not premarital sex if you have no intentions of getting married.
Enjoy love.
Enjoy love.
Be happy, share your views with your partner.
Be happy, share your views with your partner.
Do you favor sex before marriage now.
Do you favor sex before marriage now.
Premarital sex
Premarital sex

Premarital sex or sex before marriage

Vishwas, a 29-year-old garment manufacturer, said "sex is meant for pleasure... if both of them are enjoying it, then there is no harm in doing it, but I personally feel physically involving with someone will lead to more strong emotional involvement with your partner. If you really love him/her, it will increase your commitment and loyalty towards him/her, but if you are doing it for screwing purpose only, then both know what they are doing and let them decide.

Sameer, a 26-year-old physical therapist said that according to me, sexual intercourse before marriage is vital. I have not been engaged in premarital sex and I have suffered the consequences of that. Actually, my partner and I both did not know "how to do sex" on the first night of our wedding and it took around 7 days before our first successful shot. Some people might feel it is funny but I am seriously telling you it is not a joke, rather it is too discouraging and irritating. So according to me, you must know how to perform sex on your partner on the first night so that the pleasures of your first night and your honeymoon are not destroyed.

Megha, a 23-year-old phlebotomist, said that I can tell you from my experience that sex before marriage will ultimately damage your sexual relationship with the one you do eventually marry. It is much wiser to wait and experience that person and have that person experience you for the first time without expectation of things that were before.

Rishi, a 25-year-old medical rep, said that see it is not altogether "important" but here is a thing to be considered that after marriage while having sex with your spouse you might (most probably you will) actually compare your previous sex experiences with your current ones (with your spouse) so it might happen that the level of satisfaction might differ and in case you were more satisfied previously than here a problem arises, since you are not getting fully sexually satisfied with your spouse and then it rings a knell for your married life...

Shrijeet said well good sex is a nice thing for the body! The way of having, when, where, and how totally depends on individual interests! What is right for one maybe wrong for others, so there is no need to discuss on this issue. It is up to you and only you can find out whether you are sexually active, at your own risk. If this is your way, then it is right for you and proceed.

Amit Bajaj said there is nothing wrong in pre-marital sex. Even the couples don't marry each other after having sex and their spouses get to know about their sexual lives before marriage, so what is wrong in it? Nowadays more than 60% guys or girls are indulged in pre-marital sex. It is an open secret now.

So these were some of the views and comments on this topic from my friends.

Now, you might be wondering that why I am just sharing these views with you and why I am not disclosing my own view. No problem. I will tell you what I think about sex before marriage.

First of all, I will tell you something about myself. I am a 28-year-old professional in transcription services, working in the same field for the last 8 years. My take on sex before marriage is that I think that a person should engage in sex before marriage with a different partner if the person has got that courage to disclose this to his/her partner after marriage. What I mean to say is that you should not feel ashamed after engaging in premarital sex. You must know that you and your married life will not be spoiled if your married partner will get to know about you that you had been involved with some other person in the past. If you have those guts and think that it is reasonable, then go ahead and enjoy sex before marriage and if not, just sit back and forget about it.

I would like to say at last that I have published these views after taking permission from my friends and all the views including my views are just views, not a recommendation.

So please do whatever you want to do, as it is your personal life and you are a better decision-maker.

Is sex essential before marriage? Lets find it out in this video - Beware real.....


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