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Are you in favor of sex education in schools?

Updated on August 1, 2010

This has been an interesting question for years. Recently in the United States, conservatives have been pushing a program of teaching students abstinence, and not teaching anything about the biology involved in reproduction, safe sex, or diseases that can come from sexual activities.

Studies in these areas have determined that these students are dreadfully unprepared for real life situations. They often have the misconception that such activities as kissing or hugging can cause pregnancy. They have no idea how std's are transmitted. No idea about aids and safe sex. I am not talking about 3rd graders. These are teenagers, all thru puberty and full of raging hormones. In many counties that went to the abstinense based sex ed, teen pregnancy rates skyrocketed.

Some high schools are more progressive. They make condoms available to students at the school health office. They offer a full educational course on the biology behind reproduction, and explain contraception and sexually transmitted disease.

The very best situation would be parents educating their children at home, but so many parents are embarassed or unprepared to talk to their child about  about sex, and are unlikely to broach the subject.

I believe that schools must teach sex education with a format of teaching biology, and responsibility, These teens need to know that STD's can be passed through oral sex, straight sex, and how to protect themselves against disease. Sure, it is fine to mention that the safest route is abstaining, but if they are going to be active, they need to know how to prevent unwanted childen and disease.


Do you favor sex education in schools?

Do you favor sex education in Schools

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