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Are You Addicted To Your Cell Phone Or Your Computer?

Updated on March 28, 2010

In this Digital Age of Technology The question that you should ask yourself, or a person that you may know, who exhibits such behavior, "Are You Addicted To Your Cell Phone Or Your Computer?"

IF you spend more time on your cell phone, than you do interacting with people in your life, then you may have a problem.

IF you spend more time on your computer, than you do interacting with people, then you may have a problem

What are some of the signs of cell phone or computer addiction?

* Compulsive behavior, where nothing else matters but having access to your cell phone or computer all of the time

* When you are in the midst of people, you do not interact with them

* Never without your cell phone or your computer

* Neglecting the things around you in your life - You don't shower, eat, etc...

* Everything is done through your cell phone or your computer, you do not have balance the time to have personal contact with people, this person may exhibit, more of a reclusive lifestyle

* Text_ting on your cell phone to the extent that you develop carpal tunnel syndrome

* Living in Chat Rooms on your computer or cell phone

* Staying online on your computer, to the extent, where you do not sleep

* Every blinking moment is spent on your cell phone or your computer

* Where this activity starts to affect your relation or marriage with your significant other

* The person may also deny that there is a problem or addiction when others notice it

Too much of anything in your life, can have devastating effects in life. Spending too much time on your cell phone , could cause you to lose your job, marriage, etc.

NOTE***If you cannot balance your digital time with your regular life style, then you should seek professional counseling at best.

Find that balance in your life, where you can actively exist in the real world, while working and playing in the Digital Age as well.


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    • CorpGiant profile image

      CorpGiant 6 years ago from Dallas Texas

      zi.ripon, being honest about an addiction is one step closer to eliminating or at least managing the addiction. Thanks for replying to this hub...CG

    • zi.ripon profile image

      zi.ripon 6 years ago from Dhaka,Bangladesh

      yes i am addicted

    • profile image

      houseaz 7 years ago

      Well what about those of us who work exclusively online? I know for me it has been vital to schedule offline time in my day and getting involved with networking groups has helped me find like minded people whom I can relate to.