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Art, food and Home off Grid Lifestyle

Updated on February 4, 2012

Art, Home, Food, off grid lifestyle

My daughter she is such a wild thing and an Crazy artist too. My solution for economy,madness is building my own mini home and created a sharing thing with the locals community and making our own food; almost finish building the micro green/arm/tiny Home. Have been doing some odd construction jobs, yet main income comes from my art. The outcome plan is to live a life of healthy balance and feeling happier already rather than doing the over worked and stressed over millionaires thing, that I used to work and live by, for decades

The home a frugal minded 300 sq ft Farm/tinyHome that’s highly-efficient and designed for off-the-grid living. The single dwelling provides a healthy and comfortable environment with running cost very low and no mortgage. The average home needs to relocate about every 8 years, so our part time business of green tiny Homes building is designed for a wide range of climates and terrains. This home can easily turned into a go-anywhere home with almost all modern conveniences.

This Mini homes use the energy of the sun and a very modest supply of either propane, about $200 a year for all heated related energy hot water, winters warmth, cooking, and the home/farm is a fully installed food planting system. , Each place has a power utility, waste treatment center, and rainwater collection system, it uses some of the most efficient technologies available.

My Art is a practice of love and Self-Love. It’s essential key to successful understanding and an important persuasive tool into the beautify of life...I can carry up to 400 pounds and get around everywhere in the Rocky Mountains on an Electric Bike. Our system of Off Grid homes will evolved to a whole Eco village some day. Started one in Belize but it’s not ready as of yet for snow birds from here. Everything will get done because we have gone too far to stop. After we experience the lifestyle for 4 season here in the Rockies, then ours plans is to build mini Homes for minimum wage and homeless homes people.

Why would I do such a thing,

People today have to come up with their own solution because government do not run this country anymore and the wealthy do and we are partly to blame for allowing it to happen. It's only going to get worse as this band of criminals who will try to take everything of ours, right on up to much of your pensions, With debt into the trillions and almost a 100 million baby boomers in North America. When they go to try to collect their pension, some day, all I can say is, Good luck with that.

The economy has been a slow draining conspiracy and sickening that the masses and still most don't get it that the game is rigged! They don't get the fact that all these so called divisions are simply distractions., The overly wealthy cooperation owns almost everything, Most of the land, the banks the media and most likely your jobs and your house. Most of us after 40 years of work are already either dead or dead broke.

I'll keep you posted of progress, love to hear your story


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    • Castlepaloma profile image

      Castlepaloma 6 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      Yeh Penny

      I just added on another 100 sq. Ft. To my home plus already sold an other 350 sq. Ft. Home to another guy. Plus people are already offering me land for this eco village. Looks like I am not the only dreamer, so what's happening in your own life Penny


    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Awww I want to live with you!! I love how you phrased off the grid living and would enjoy that immensely. In the sense that, to live self sufficiently would mean the powers that be have no control over how one chooses to live. If we are not connected to main water lines, power supplies etc, how could the powers that be control the quality of life you are living. There would be no financial pressures, nor would there be the inclination to stay at, or do a job one does not like. Have observed many who with bitter hearts do not do what they love yet continue to do what they do for the sake of staying on the grid. I am glad you love what you do and you see it as an expression of who you are. Beautiful!!!