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Aspects Of Creativity

Updated on October 8, 2009

On Being A Creative!


 Living the writing life and holy life like I am doing can be very creative of me. I do kind of make things up as I walk along. The Catholic Church has certain prescribed prayers that are said by the priests during Holy Mass; and on EWTN television network, certain prayers are likewise said. That provides some structure to the holy life that I am seeking everyday. The Way certain prayers are said can be done or finished in very artistic ways and with discipline. That is an another aspect also of the writing life that I am likewise seeking everyday--that discipline that is required to make sure things get done. Being a creative genuis or thinking that maybe I probably really am a creative genuis with the Way I live my life has me very motivated to keep up with certain things like writing and being an author, writer and poet that produces and creates certain works hopefully with some kind of perspective that brings to mind art and the making of art.

Generally art is the field of work that is real big on creativity.  Doing Arts and Crafts is another aspect of creativity that can be done and that I like to do.  Painting abstracts is a plan that I have for doing some more art real soon.  I will probably paint some abstracts @Artists For Recovery, a group worth belonging to and friends worth making.  Being on the web and having my books listed @bookstores like, and is also to be considered very creative, I would think. I likewise like reading and participating with some of the writing web sites like this web site: Writer's Digest is one of the best ones with articles and books and all kinds of things on the writing life.There are more web sites too like,, etceteras.

Perhaps the attitude with which one lives her life can be considered very creative.Fixing a meal and fine dining on the right kind of foods can be very creative. Dealing with life and friendships, conversation and style, certain truths and beauty would be considered outlets for creativity. Creativity is kind of an attitude of life that requires development and talents. Creativity is a kind of intelligence also as mentioned above. Take my suggestion and do something creative today!



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