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The Best Astronomy for Kids

Updated on August 18, 2012

What is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the area of science that teaches us about stars, planets, comets, nebulae (clouds of dust and gas), star clusters and galaxies. Anything that exists outside the atmosphere of Earth, can be fall under the term we know as Astronomy.

Astronomy has to be one of the most exciting areas of science to study, so much of the unknown and yet so very fascinating. Children have the most marvellous imaginations and space talk and travel can take them anywhere, whilst they learn about the universe, constellations, galaxies, black holes, the solar system and so much more.

Where to start? There are so many areas to choose from, it doesn’t really matter, just capture your child’s enthusiasm get them to choose an area and away you go. It is difficult for anyone not to be intrigued and fascinated by this wonderful area of learning.


Take your child to a planetarium where they will be able view a simulation of the night sky, usually with a recorded show or lecture and some great music to get you in the mood. This is a great way to introduce astronomy to your child, whilst providing both education and entertainment.


There are many great free websites that offer free astronomy for kids learning. Whether it’s something a bit more formal such as lesson plan or just to view certain images, you will most likely find whatever you need to.

Younger children may enjoy making space rockets or space ships out of cardboard boxes, plastic drink bottles, with some cardboard tubes from toilet rolls or kitchen roll. These handmade toys will keep them amused for hours.

Computer software.

There’s some free software you can download to help your child learn about astronomy.


You can buy great 3D Solar system planetarium models for your child . Once they have assembled the model, they can paint and highlight it ‘glow in the dark’ highlights. (usually suitable for children over 8 years).

Inflatable hanging solar system – ideal for hanging up in your child’s bedroom.

Books are always a popular choice as they have the most amazing photo’s to view and provide interesting information that will be aimed at specific ages

For younger children, there are many great story books available that will get their imagination working and prove a great way to encourage them to learn about astronomy as the grow.

Colouring books , jigsaw puzzles, mazes, trivia questions

Birthday Party

You can have a ‘space themed’ birthday party. Collect some recycling and get the kids to make either space rockets or hanging planets with some ‘glow in the dark’ paint. A few traditional party games can easily be slightly changed with a space view in mind.

If you’re having a sleep over and have kids telescope then night viewing will be a great crowd pleaser. Binoculars may suffice if a kids telescope isn’t available.

Decorate bedrooms/playrooms

You don’t have to be an artist these days to produce a pretty spectacular back drop for a space theme in your child’s bedroom. There are numerous templates, stickers, glow in the dark hanging toys , even removable wall stickers that won’t mark the wall. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive furniture or accessories. Get a few photo’s off the internet and either copy the design or cut out templates if you want a bit more of a guide.

Kids Telescopes - A great way to get your child interested and learning about the world of astronomy. It will never fail to disappoint as there will always be something new to look at.

Astronomy for kids offers numerous activities in which your child will be educated and entertained for years to come. There are so many great options available for everyone to enjoy this magnificent and enthralling subject.


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