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Are You A Techie?

Updated on October 5, 2015
kbshah75 profile image graduate with Diploma in creative writing. Writing poetry, articles, worked as a copy writer. Worked as a freelance writer

User Friendly Technology

Leaking taps in the house, plumber has to be called. electrician has to be called to repair wirings and switches and frustrating is when nobody is regular, nobody available to attend, at that moment it striked my mind why don’t we have these all computerized that with a click of remote everything starts working at least I won’t have to call them off and on for every small repair jobs. Is it possible? Perhaps at present; not may be future yes- it can. Had anybody in past ever thought about security CCtvs , door cameras, or fans and lights working with remote now we have all these available on a single click. Soon on the table we will be finding a single remote, able to cater multiple needs.

All thanks to technology. Without technology this generation and future generations are literally handicapped due to dependency on technology. It can be a boon or a bane depending on every individual uses. Every nano-micro work is being researched to formulate into accessibility of technology evidently making life easier, comfortable and less time consuming in working. From home to health to big malls to small shops everybody is ready to install modern technology for their own convenient or convenience of consumers. In fields of medical, engineering, education, selling, buying, transport, entertainment and information, everywhere we find old ways of manual work is transformed into quick, easy, and computerized methods. For eg. We have is online shopping, buying, money banking system.

Recently my son who is in research field told me about many such technologies which will soon come to rescue people who are really in need of them like for instance a paralytic, or bed ridden patients, a patient in rural who cannot often make to metro cities for smaller issues, Or constructing flyovers to cut short time of commuting from one place to another. Recently we have is a bridge built in a sea linking Bandra to Worli in Mumbai, which has almost cut down distance to half. Without the presence of technology it wouldn’t have been possible. World is shrinking in size by fast trains and planes, mobiles and computers, remotes and gestures.

Let us find out developments in the individual fields made by technology:

In the field of medicines:

High risk surgeries performed by nano technology. Artificial hearts and electronic aspirins have made cost effective, agile, and efficient for patients. Due to net services and online transcriptions reports are within a few minutes pushed, accessed, analysed, and reverted with details of treatments to the patients. Organ replacements can assist a patient to live a normal life, IVF technology for childless couples and much more has technology to offer in the field of medicines. Bio medics, researchers with biotechnologists are day and night working on revolutionary measures in this field.

In the field of engineering:

Latest news about a fastest train constructed in Japan Cutting three fourth distance. Since 2014 shinakasen trains in Japan run regularly at speed of 320 km/hr is a greatest revolution in cutting down distance

3/4th times in comparison to present speed. Very soon, this speed breaking technology will be available to all countries. Flyovers one above the another, speeding cars, underground tunnels, metros are the best examples of optimized use of human brains evidently cutting down acute exhaustion and shortage of fuel world wide .

In the field of education: within three four decades, from slate and chalks to online studies is a changing technology worth appreciating. Now education has become every human right, whether facility of living in same city as of your institute is available or not online education has made this impossible possible. Now all courses materials are available online exams and entrance tests are conducted online. Results are posted online what more can a student in his curriculum expects? Just Google or Wikipedia and information of courses with college timetables are available online.

In the field of electronic media:

television and movies are in existence from the day one of their existence. From silent movies to digital recording and shooting has been a distinctive growth in cinemas and electronic Medias. News, views and online movies available just at your fingers click is no lesser than a miracle. Social networking, calling and video conferencing, tracking activities in your absence, with a gesture technology to switching on lights, fans, CCTV on doors of your house letting you respond to people from your kitchen or bedroom are the latest comforts for day to day routine and entertainment.

In the field of robotic engineering:

Greatest breakthrough is in robotic engineering. ‘Asimov’ named robot built by Japan is an achievement beyond imagination of human being. It is a robot invented to assists human in daily chores. He can analysis the human voices and follow orders respectively. On the instructions of voice controller instructions will be carried and work done impeccably.

Human being has become so dependent on technology that their day begins from mobile phones to end with mobile phones. What else can one expect more?Every part of the universe or say every inch or microscopic body has been explored by technology and nano technology except creating a soul which is a copyright of almighty. Perhaps soon human intelligence can succeed in capturing and making of artificial souls to resurrect life in human bodies. Well if it happens it has to happen in a constructive ways under the guidance of almighty.


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