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Atlanta Accident Attorneys

Updated on May 31, 2011

Choosing The Best Atlanta Accident Attorney For You

If the Ken Nugent and Montlick and Associates advertisements in heavy rotation in every Atlanta household are to be believed, Atlanta accident attorneys are not only hot but they are caring and very dedicated to bringing in the big settlements for their injured clients.

In all my years of living in Atlanta, I never dreamed I would need an Atlanta accident attorney but all that changed on mother’s day in 2007. My beloved Mitsubishi Galant broke down in the middle of the road on my way to Pep Boys to get a belt bolt replaced. What followed next seemed like a scene right out of a badly written movie. A speeding car rammed right into the back of my Galant totaling it completely. The only thing that saved me was the fact that I was wearing my seat belt.

Suddenly I found myself needing the very Atlanta accident attorneys whose television advertisements I always made fun of. I hope you never need an Atlanta accident attorney but Atlanta is notorious for its busy interstates and aggressive drivers so just in case you get hurt and need an accident attorney, here are a few tips based on my personal experience as to how you should go about choosing the best Atlanta accident attorney for your case.

Does the accident attorney offer free consultation? Has he dealt with the offending driver’s insurance company before? When it comes down to negotiating money, it always helps if the attorney is familiar with the tactics of the other driver’s insurance company. Can your Atlanta accident attorney handle both your property damage and personal injury cases or do you need two different attorneys? Is he personally going to handle your case or is he too busy serving a gazillion other clients and you as a small fish are going to be pushed to one of the junior partners for a quick settlement? Does your accident attorney have a little black book full of useful numbers of doctors, chiropractors and mechanics he can refer you to? And if he does, make sure they are good referrals and not just places that give him a cut of the profits for every new client he sends their way. And lastly, what do his past clients say about him? Visit business review sites and read what people have to say about the attorney and his service and when you’re visiting his office, listen closely to how his stuff talk about him. If most of the talk is negative, bolt out of there. If you’ve been in a wreck, the Atlanta accident attorney you want on your side is definitely someone compassionate, caring and dedicated to getting you the best settlement possible.

Do you have your local Atlanta accident attorney on speed dial as you weave through Atlanta's crowded roads?

Accidents are a common occurence on Atlanta's busy streets so make sure you have a local Atlanta accident attorney's number on speed dial as you drive down I-285
Accidents are a common occurence on Atlanta's busy streets so make sure you have a local Atlanta accident attorney's number on speed dial as you drive down I-285


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