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Attaining True Power

Updated on May 31, 2010

Attaining True Power (The Transformation)

I came to a realization that "true power" means "self mastery". This is internalized realizatoin is so important because it helped me to see how blind I was in my younger years. I use to think that being powerful in this life meant the you could control situations and people. I use to think that fame, money, and materail possessions made a person powerful. I use to think that being smarter, stronger,or faster than the next person made one powerful. I now reflect and think how young and neive I was at that time.

I was in deep meditation one day and I was contemplating on what in the world does it really mean too be powerful in this life. My conclusion is awakening an internal bliss and acknowledging that true power is only within. I will now do my best to explain how I came to his conclusion.

There have been so many schools of thought that I have passed through in my travels and they all have the one common theme and that is a person wants to be happy/blissful. The differnt teachings may have differnt views on how to get there, however the goal is the same to find joy in this world. Power and bliss are closesly related because a person must have the power to have their needs and wants fulfilled before they are able to claim that they are happy.

Understanding the difference between a need and a want is important to discovering one's ability to live a joyful powerful life. I will define needs as resources necessary to maintain the body. I will define wants as anything that is not going to keep the body alive. If a person wants to be happy they need to realize that the less they want in life the greater the chance of finding true bliss.

What I have learned is that lust, anger, and greed are the three major stumbling block that keep people from becoming happy and attaining the true power of self mastery. Lust I will define as wanting things that you do not need to survive, and this lust includes the desire for people as sense objects as well as material things. (Hey, I am not saying I am above it, I am just saying that it is best to recognize the monster in the heart). Lust is what takes us out of ourselves and puts us in harms way by making us forget that once we have all we need we should be able to have inner peace and joy.

Lust once it is not fulfilled leads to greed and then to anger if it is not unchecked. The anger developed by lust is what makes people loose thier treu power or self control and this anger eventually turns into violence or verbal abuse. This lust is a great weakness in the human heart and mind our number one enemy. To beging to attain true power one must conquer lust, greed, and before they are conquered. The only way to defeat lust is to control the mind and the senses, this knowledge has been handed down for thousands of years by all the great masters. My thoughts are with all the temptation in the world it is easier said than done, but the aim is to continue to strive to control the senses.

Another key component to attaining true power is recognizing the Nature/God is on our side love and cares for all living beings. There is an abundance of natural resources available our lives. My economic studies indicate that there is enough food and water for the current population. It is the excessive egos of the few that make it appear that there is not enough resources. There are people who need to hoard resources because they have not come to the realization that hoarding necessary resources harms other people.

For today, attaining true power and self mastery means you are able to perceive a greater truth than your own little world and at the same time know that you world is very important! internalizing the fat that only you have the power to control you lust, and emotions.

I hope what I have written helps everyone on their path. As always, thank you for your time and best wishes.


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