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How we Could Attain World Peace

Updated on March 12, 2012

Striving for world peace

Creating a Peaceful World

The cries and desire for world peace seems to grow stronger and stronger every day as we continue to see the human hurt and waste inflicted on each other through wars. One country or people declare war on another for reasons which are sometimes clear to see and other times not so clear.

Mother earth provides for her children

It is evident that humans fail to realise that this world is pretty huge, with enough resources to cater to the needs of its people. Mother earth does provide for her children but true to our selfish nature we choose to hoard for ourselves and exploit each other for personal, political and financial gains.

Human greed

The wars which continue to take place and those which took place in this world is/was not as a result of the language barrier as some people try to argue. It is the heart of man and our everlasting greed which always results in strife and war. There is always a race or people who consider themselves superior to others and also consider themselves to be the ones who are entitled to all the goodies this world has to offer.

Variety is the spice of life

The difference in our language is pretty much like the difference in the colour of our skin. They both serve to add life and variety to this the human race. That is a reoccurring theme right throughout nature. Take note of the trees, animals, insects, landscapes and just about everything in our world. Notice how they all came in various sizes, colours, shapes etc. They do work well to make our world an exciting place to live as we are forever awed by the changing sceneries that is spread out before us and the life and further interest that flora and fauna combine to give us.

Ethnic cleansing

Having a dominant race or people throughout the world is certainly not the answer to world peace. Ethnic cleansing would no doubt become a huge part of the operation that would need to be undertaken to achieve this. Is ethnic cleansing the answer to world peace?

Religious persecution

One idea which is strongly promoted by some as the way to go in obtaining world peace is for us to have a universal religion/church. Now that is a pretty dangerous ground to trod on and one that should absolutely be avoided. Creating a warfare based on forcing all peoples to believe the same thing will be more destructive than any world war we have ever seen and would no doubt be counteractive to achieving world peace. Such a move would not be a first in this world’s existence as many will recall that point of history when Catholicism tried to establish itself as the universal church. That move through Roman Catholicism led to people fleeing their homeland to escape religious persecution. Religious persecution.... Could that be the way for us to achieve world peace?

Imposing desired changes on others

Any attempt to get people of the world to come under one umbrella for any of the cause mentioned above, would be a direct violation of human rights and dignity. Our languages, belief systems, races etc. were not created by man. No one race or persons of a religious persuasion was or has been given authority to impose their own race or religious beliefs upon others. That would be much like the duck waging war on the ostrich telling them that they must swim, quack and waddle around in some water if they wanted to remain a part of the animal kingdom. No member of the animal kingdom has the authority to force others to sound and behave like them. The same applies to the human race.

There is no doubt that it was such a behaviour and belief which promoted and contributed to the flourish in slavery and the slave trade in the first place. It was also that arrogance which led to the terrible religious wars which resulted in the exodus of Europeans to other parts of the world to escape death for not transforming to the faith which was imposed on them. That led to the Europeans going to places such as America, Australia and even South Africa.

Respect our History

Another aspect of world history which serves as a reminder of the folly of man trying to rid the world of other races and persons of differing beliefs is that of Hitler, Germany and the Jews. That fateful occurrence of September 11 in the United States could be classified in this group as well. They simply amount to hate crimes masked as efforts to achieve a greater good.

It would be safe to conclude that persons interested in transforming the human race to suit their own likes and dislikes are actually enemies against humanity.

History ties us to our past and bids us to use it has a guide to our present and the future of our children. Many of us will read a history book or watchi a movie and end up crying or getting upset. That speaks to the connection we feel as we relate to the hurt and pain of the victims in the book or in the movie.

Willing participants

It would be interesting to know just how many blacks would like to be white and how many whites would like to be blacks. How many of us would like to be Chinese or Indian? How many Christians would like to be forced to become Muslims and vice versa for the Muslims. The author of this article has absolutely no desire to be of different colour race, creed or religion. I would have to be eliminated if I refused to conform and no doubt so would many others. Would killing millions of people because they did not fall into the established accepted skin colour group or preferred tongue, achieve world peace?

Bloodshed and Mayhem

I think not. Not even then would anyone be able to accomplish the aim to make the world a universal community with everything and everyone being the same. That is a human dream which was just not meant to be. Though many have tried and others will continue to harbour the thought and try to make everything universal, they will fail. It will simply lead to more bloodshed and mayhem. Not world peace.

Progressive mind and the right attitude

Person with a progressive mind and the right attitude will instead accept the beauty of life as it was created and meant to be. That is, for man to learn to live in harmony with each other. It is not a crazy or farfetched thought either. Our leaders should target the right issues which hampers world peace. Issues such as greed, superiority where one man considers another his door mat, poverty and intolerance. Intolerance by the way does have its place. Without it we would live in a world where everything goes. That would lead to anarchy and chaos.

Violating human rights to gain world peace

The spreading of one religion or any one umbrella movement as a universal establishment (so to speak) will always be a dangerous imposition on our human rights. Who would be given the appointed duty to decide which religion is the right religion? What of the right language, the right culture, the right skin colour? Would Muslims and atheist become Christians if that became chosen religion or would Christians conform and become Muslims? What if majority votes go for Christianity... what would we do to those who are true to their own religion, punish them? Kill them? Imprison them? Send them into exile?

Suggested solution

Attempts should never be made to gain world peace through the establishing of any universal umbrella movement. Lack of tolerance and respect and the presence of greed and superior behaviour are the real cause of war and strife. Attempts to gain world peace should be based on eliminating those factors which are the creators and maintainers of poverty. The rich continue to exploit the poor as a means of lining their pockets even more and the rulers and the strong also exploit the poor to stay on top. This is true even in First World countries where the poor is kept poor. The progress towards world peace must begin within each country and it should begin with the equal spreading of wealth and respect for the other man. Would the rich be willing to see the poor become rich as they are especially if they have to split their riches to effect that change?

World peace initiatives should never attack difference in race, religious beliefs, skin colour and monies as they are not the real culprits to the mayhem our world now faces. They simply reflect the beauty of variety which comprises human existence.


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