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Updated on September 26, 2010


In this competitive world what is it that makes you stand out from the crowd? What gives you the edge which will help you to forge ahead? It is by being DIFFERENT

DESIRE: Nothing can be accomplished without any desire for it. If we want to make money this desire should be intense, not a half-hearted wish. It is the Hi-Octane of desire that will we accelerate us to success. There is no dearth of ideas, because as long as there are problems, there are opportunities lurking behind it, all that is needed to go after it with an intense desire to succeed.

INITIATIVE: If we wait for the lucky break, the chances are that we will have to wait endlessly. The deal that we have been waiting for is not going to happen unless we make the right move. As Zig Ziglar said “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

FAITH IN OURSELF: Once we have decided to take the plunge, we and we alone are responsible for the success and failure of our venture. Sound business ventures have failed not because of the improbability of success, but rather due to the absence of faith in us. For those who are religiously inclined and inspired, this may be interpreted as faith in God.

FORESIGHT: Foresight is the illumination of the awakened mind set ablaze. It can be interpreted as insight. If the mind is sufficiently worked up it will come up with unique and trail blazing ideas. Many scientific discoveries were made under its influence. The chemist Kekule for example hit upon the structure of benzene while he was resting near the hearth when suddenly in his mind the structure of benzene came as a vision of two snakes biting each others tail. In our day to day life, foresight is result of the insight of an alert and prepared mind.

EXTRA EFFORT: There is unfortunately no short cut to success. Extra effort is needed to succeed in life. We have to be prepared to put in extra effort so that we have the competitive edge.

REINVENT: Yes we have to re-invent ourselves from time to time or put it simply, be adaptable. As situations change the environment and the nature of problem changes. If we have to adapt to these conditions we have to reinvent ourselves. Big corporations have been doing this all along and it is also applicable to people who man it. If for example the company goes in for automation we should be prepared to learn new skills. Many lose their job not because they are not efficient or less productive, but simply because they have not been able to re-invent themselves.

EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT In our highly organized society we are trained and nurtured to work as a team. In such a situation an individual’ ability and understanding of his or her emotions along with his or her colleagues’ or neighbors’ emotions is essential to create better environment.

NETWORK In plain English it means the social relationship built by us. We should not only build new relationship but also maintain old ones. It is the social networking which will act as our safety net in bad times. The most basic however is family ties, but equally valuable is our ties of friendship. We realize its value only when things begin to go wrong for us.

TENACITY: Never give up. Many of us during our schooldays would have studied the story of Robert Bruce and the spider. Faced with continuous defeat this Scottish brave heart was inspired by the tenacity shown by a spider in weaving its web. Many of us give up when success maybe just round the corner. Just one more attempt may have brought us victory. So if you dare to be different, no one can stop you from succeeding.


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