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Updated on November 13, 2008


I love the winter at the "Crystal Coast". The tourists go home and locals have the beaches pretty much to themselves except for the serious fisherman. The water temperature drops several degrees and the water stays pretty clear. There is a lot of bait in the water that is very active due to colder water.

The Trout and Drum show up in large numbers along with huge Whiting. The fish are very aggressive this time of year. I am catching large Whiting everyday I fish.They are so much fun to catch and even better to eat!

The big story is Black Drum and Red Drum! They show up in big schools and and feed aggressively in the surf. That's where you will find me.You can pretty much catch Black Drum every day. They like rough water and you can be very successful in increment weather conditions. I have caught Black Drum when the wind was howling at 20 knots as well as when not a breath of wind was blowing. The trick to catch Black Drum is fresh shrimp. Always use fresh bait when fishing for drum or any fish. Black Drum also like blood worms.

I was fishing with my best friend Brian on November 11th this year at Emerald Isle. The wind was blowing from the North at about 5 knots. We were catching puffers as fast as we could throw out our bottom rigs. We were waiting for the next bite when my rod suddenly bent double and the drag started screaming! This was no puffer. I set the hook and a battle royal was on! The fish ran 75 yards offshore immediately. When I tried to turn him I realized it was a big fish. I gained about 10 yards of line when the fish took 20 more yards. This went on for a good 10 minutes. I finally started to get some line back. It was definitely was a slow go. After 25 minutes my friend Brian pulled the fish up on the beach. Boy what a fish it was! This turned out to be a Black Drum that weighed in at 23lbs. 8ozs! It is pretty amazing because I caught this fish on a 7ft. rod with 8lb. test! This is the biggest Black Drum I have ever caught. Even though they get much larger this one is going to be mounted and put on the wall.

When you fish you should only keep what you are going to eat. I almost always return large fish to the ocean. However this time I am going to have my Black Drum mounted because I may never catch another one this large in my lifetime. When I look at him on the wall I will always be able to remember that great day at the beach with my friend Brian on November 11, 2008!

If you would like to learn more about fishing and see great free videos go to or or

This Is A Whopper!
This Is A Whopper!


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    • profile image

      9 years ago

      Hey Buddy , snapped my Pole after yous left the beach today lol,......

      hope to see you down there again soon!