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Babylon Revealed!

Updated on December 7, 2011

After God confused their language at Babel, the metamorphosis of Babel to Babylon took many years, and many more years were required to build the city into a state of envy. It took many kings and kingdoms to raised Babylon. At the end of it all, Babylon became a phenomenon. Government, Power and Authority were referred to as Babylon – it became a system!

The system spread to Persia, Greece, Rome, etc. In his farewell letter, Apostle Peter wrote thus:

‘She who was in Babylon, elect together with you, greets you; and so does Mark my son.’ – I Peter 5:3

Here, the Babylonian system has found manifestation in Rome, and so Peter expressed the Church in Rome as ‘she’ who was in Babylon. No doubt, things were very difficult for the elects at Rome, until Constantine became the new Emperor of Rome and shortly became a Christian himself. At this time, it became necessary for Constantine to reconcile the Church and the Babylonian style of authority together; Hence Babylon became a religious system.

At the middle of their alliance, many Babylonian ways of life and occult practices were brought carefully and beautifully into the Church of God! Within three years, all the rituals of the Babylonian Cult came into the Church. The direct worship of idols came into the Church in A.D. 381, and names and festivals for gods arrived later in the Church Calendar. For example, many scholars believed that the name ‘EASTER’ is actually a modified form for the Queen of Heaven, called ‘Eastern Star’ (Jeremiah 44:17), hated by God. The Babylonian Cult seduced the Church to worship the Eastern Star at the time of Easter, and it had nothing to do with the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In a nutshell, some things adopted by the Church from the Babylonian cult were open, while some were camouflaged.

At this period of time, Babylon gained full access to the Church and truly there was a mixed – up or confusion in the Church till date. How then can we identify this harlot evil system, the woman that sits upon many waters, in our modern day corporate buildings erroneously called church?

A Worldly Church is Babylon: These ones are overtaken completely by Babylon. Those who have no business in the House of God had now become ‘fathers’ in the Church. There is no more revelation of God’s Kingdom in this Church and her energy is diverted to equal the world at all cost. Like Samson became a laughing stock to the Philistines via Delilah (Babylon), so is this church in the eyes of the world. You need not search for Babylon so much as you can identify a worldly Church!

A religious system set for fame is Babylon: There is nothing as powerful and as enslaving as religion. Many leaders under this church are not even born again, but they are very zealous for their religion. For his own personal interest and fame, Jeroboam introduced a religious system to the 10 tribes of Israel – II Kings 12: 26 – 31. Many do not know why they are joining in building the tower of Babel, but for religion’s sake, they are working for God without walking with God!

Merchandise Religion is Babylon: As it was then, so it is now, this church is a commercial center. Jesus is for sale here! Commerce was the nerve of Babel and the story has not changed even now. From the message to anointing, everything is for sale. This church preaches salvation message for fifteen minutes and raised fund for three hours.

‘By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, their destruction does not slumbered’ – II Peter 2:3

Denomination is Babylon: It is our nomination in Christ that saves us and not our denomination. Babylon came up with the idea of de – nomination. However, the counsel of God still stands as per this issue of who we are IN Christ. Therefore, the Babylonian evil system coined the word ‘Inter – denomination’ – a subtle way of saying yes to God’s Nomination.

Persecuting Church is Babylon: For praying to God, Daniel was persecuted by the evil Babylonian system – Daniel 6:7. In Babylon, the wicked always persecute the righteous. Many times the Pharisees wanted to kill Jesus Christ for saying the truth. For healing a woman of infirmity, Jesus was almost insulted publicly by a persecuting BabylonianChurch – Luke 13:14

‘Go forth from Babylon! Flee from the Chaldeans! With a voice of singing, Declare, proclaim this, utter it to the end of the earth; say, The LORD has redeemed His servant Jacob! – Isaiah 48:20

Jonathan knew that his father’s reign was a Babylonian evil system, set to persecute David, but he refused to come out of it, so he died with the system. Now that you know Babylon, don’t stay there any longer, come out of her. Come out NOW!


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    • Segun Tewogbola profile image

      Segun Tewogbola 5 years ago

      True Talk. Thanks.

    • profile image

      SirDent 6 years ago

      "Merchandise Religion" I love that term. Prosperity gospel is preached more than the gospel of Christ these days. Jesus is hardly ever mentioned and even when He is, the blood is omitted most of the time.

      Voted up and useful.