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Back to School - Like it or not

Updated on August 9, 2017

Back to learning


Back to school time

Back to school - like it or not

There are signs to most times and to events as there is also a chronological order to time and most events. The signs are here to reflect that back to school is upon us to take its place in the chronological order of things.

The signs are of course the shops being loaded up with school products , your ears being assailed with back to school ads on the radio while you drive to work and when you get back home visual representations hit your eyes and your mind, compliments of the television. Let's not forget the online visuals either and the ads that bombard you as you switch from page to page.

We are always reminded of the times, especially where there is some money to be made. We are reminded that we are a commercial society about making money and spending money. Yes it is back to school but I can assure you that the ones looking forward the most to back to school are the ones who make the most money from this period. Maybe the teachers who can't wait to get back to teaching might be looking forward to it more and some parents who have had enough squabbles with or between their children, but so are the money makers.

Trust Wal-Mart to have their school products on display shortly after the 4th of July and trust other sellers to follow. They are the earliest and probably the biggest visual reminder of all. Even if you are not a Wal-Mart fan or do not shop at Wal-Mart, the ads are out in the Sunday papers to remind you that it is time for back to school and to spend more money. Publix has its bright yellow` Back to school sale' ad. Staples has its ` Get more, spend less ad. Walgreens has its ` Savings are in session' ad. Kohl's has its ` Game on ' Sale ad. -

`It's Pro time.' you hear and see on television. It is Amazon ` back to school list' on-line and so there is definitely no shortage of reminders of the time and that it is also time to spend more money. While the corporations, sellers and resellers are making their projections and wondering how much they can or will make this year, you as a parent are probably wondering ` How much is this going to cost me this time?' Hopefully not too much. You just have to be smart about it and follow your instincts, rather than the advertisements. You have to pay some attention to the school list of course but also ask yourself, ` Do they really need that expensive one? Do they really need it anyway? Are they going to use it? Think about the difference between need and want and also who wants it.

Shopping with your child or children is an experience together for sure . Shopping with your child or children can sometimes be a fun and experience and sometimes it can be an argument or a pain. It can also definitely be more expensive. Depending on the age of your child or children, you might also want to go shopping by yourself, or things might be going into that shopping cart that you did not budget for but will pay for anyway, either out of love or because you are too tired to have an argument or sort through them. If they are of a particular age and want to go shopping with you, they have their reasons. Good luck with the shopping part.

'Mom can we go shopping now?'

'Dad, can we order backpacks on-line?'

`Thought you just went shopping with your mum?'

`Yes Dad and she says that has spent enough. Talk to your dad..So dad..we need back packs and a few other


`And how much is the back pack'

` only 49.99 and some water bottles also.'

Don't you just love the way they say only. Multiply that by three or four and you have $150 or more right there and that is the tip of the back to school iceberg. More expenses to come, no doubt.. Wonderful eh

As a parent, when you find yourself at school with your child or children for sneak preview, you know that it is definitely time for back to school. Where did the summer go? What did they do over the summer and what happened to the little children that once went to kindergarten? Well they are now older and in middle school or high school. They get to remind you that it is time for back to school and insist that you take them to sneak preview.

You know that back to school is no longer upon you but is here when your son or daughter or both are saying ` Mum can you drop me off at school tomorrow.' or `Dad, can you sign these papers for me?" School is now back in session.

When it comes to responsibility and expenses, it is wonderful to have a partner to share them with. It is of course more wonderful to share love with them but even if there is no love lost between you or love has gone to the dogs, the kids or on vacation, praises to those partners sensible and mature enough to do so. As for the back to school traffic, you are on your own, unless of course you work from home and now have more peace and quiet to both home and work environment.

The brightest side to back to school is to know that your children are somewhere safe, while you are at work or somewhere else. It is good to know that they are learning something and not playing games all day long, lying in bed or doing something that they would be better off not doing. Back to school balances the scales for them and also for you.

Good luck kids and don't worry, you will be just fine and the next break will be here before you know it. Good luck parents. Enjoy the back to school period while you can and hopefully you will not be receiving any calls from school or have to spend too much more under the `back to school' ,'in school' or `voluntary donation requests' labels that might follow.


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