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Back to School Shopping List for College Students

Updated on December 9, 2015
College Necessities: Books and Pizza!
College Necessities: Books and Pizza! | Source

Must-Haves for College Students Going Back to School

I know college students. I have been a college student. Okay, I’ve been a college student more than once. In all my years wandering around a college campus, living in the dormitory, living in an apartment with friends or a house with my family, I know as much as anyone what college students need. There are certain things that college students just can’t live without. At least, they think they can’t—and perhaps they shouldn’t.

There are the boring things like paper and binders, calculators and pens. Then there are the fun and more expensive items that college students just have to have. They just have to. And if money can be saved in the process, that's even better.

Used Textbooks

Okay, books aren’t the most fun item. But, in order to stay in college and enjoy the fun (because college certainly can be fun!), a college student has to have the textbooks. Besides the campus bookstore, there are cheaper options for book buying.

Sites like Chegg and Amazon sell used textbooks. Students can also look on bulletin boards across campus to buy used texts from other students. I have found these books to go for much cheaper than the used text books that are resold in the university’s bookstore. If they only look, students can save a lot of money on books.

Slippers or tennis shoes? You decide!
Slippers or tennis shoes? You decide! | Source

Comfortable Shoes

After years of traipsing on hard, cement sidewalks, up and down stairs, sometimes hurrying, practically jogging for ten minutes to catch my next class across campus, I believe in college students investing in comfortable shoes. My campus was hilly (though beautiful!), so walking uphill with 3-inch heels was not an option.

Flip-flops and slippers will work for the pool and the dorm, and the occasional formal presentation may require some dressy shoes, but for most days, those feet need comfort. Tennis shoes, walking, or running shoes are the way to go. Comfortable clothes should go along with those comfy shoes.


Most college students love electronics. A TV for the apartment, a mini-fridge for the dorm room, a laptop to carry to the library or local coffee shop. It's good to get a computer bag to go with that computer. Some students, depending on their classes or major, may need a printer or special software programs. Electronics are even more of a must now than they were twenty--or even ten--years ago!

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Items

Even if a student just lives in a furnished dorm room, there may still be a need for a little personalization of the space. What about a special desk chair or a comfortable bean bag? What about the practical need for bookshelves if the dorm doesn’t provide them?

For those moving into an apartment, living room, kitchen, and bedroom furniture is a must. For lucky students who have a patio or yard, and the budget allows, they often invest in patio furniture and barbecue needs such as gas or charcoal grills. What college student doesn’t want to get together with friends? Entertaining on the back patio is a favorite pastime of many college students!

College Shopping List
flip flops
house shoes
tennis shoes
comfy sweatshirt
patio furniture
charcoal grill
desk chair
big TV
tv stand

Just a few of the needs on the list of a college student

Pizza and college students go together!

Yes, pizza, lots of pizza! My freshman roommate and I used to order pizza almost every Sunday night. How fun—what freedom!—to have someone bring you a hot, tasty pizza of your choice. Of course, we always used coupons when we could. On a college campus, pizza coupons are usually readily available.

Save online on college necessities!

Through AnyCodes, you can find coupons for all of your back to school needs for college. Start building that wardrobe of comfortable clothing and shoes. Although Debenhams is based in the UK, they ship to over 40 countries, including the U.S. The site has money-saving discounts, and even has coupons for pizza!


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