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Ten Tips to Help Your Child Get Good Grades!

Updated on January 14, 2019

Help your child reach new heights in learning

Jonny and Wyatt on a mountain overlooking Eugene , Oregon,
Jonny and Wyatt on a mountain overlooking Eugene , Oregon, | Source

#1 Keep our kids healthy and boost energy!

BOOST their energy! Give your student, vitamin C and gummy vitamins daily to boost their immune systems before school starts, continue to focus on health. This helps in the beginning of the school year, you really don't want to have your student miss school and school work starting off. It is hard for them to catch up especially in Middle School and High School. Remind them to wash their hands so they don't catch the flu or bring colds home, even better attach a hand sanitizer on their back pack and throw a couple in them as well. Get a water bottle and put emergency C in it to drink keep fluids going, in fall and winter is when people actually get urinary track infections which can put children a a big fog. A lot of colds and flu's caught by our children are from school, you can prevent that. Also Tell you kids to breathe through your natural air filter! Your nose, if someone is sneezing coughing right by you breathe through your nose to filter the air!


#2-10 Here you go!!

Many students who don't get off on the right foot are doomed at the start of the year.

#2 Be on time, get the alarm clocks back out, when adults go to work we are expected to arrive on time, this is a good lesson to teach your children in the beginning of of the school year they have their own alarm clock and they get up and turn it off. They are excited to have their own clock and responsibility. No more tardiness or excuses.

#3 Go to bed by 8pm if you are in grade school and 9pm if you are in Middle School & High School . This was my rule for years and it has proven to work well for us. One week before school get back on the school schedule track and get up early and go to bed early so, you child will not be so sluggish that fist week, you need to get their biological clocks back into sync from summer break.

#4 Get out some old homework and reading for that last two days of summer and do a mini refresher course , look at old homework that was never finished and go over it. You won't believe how much better your student tests!

#5 Be sure to get all the supplies your student needs, many parents skimp or get cheap products or overspend and do not get the right products for school, wait and look at the list the school gives you and go by what is on that you don't upset teachers right off the bat with a bunch of stuff your student shouldn't have or does not have.

#6 Get the bus schedule and make sure you have it figured out, parents need to get this all figured out before the first day. Students should not be late on their first day. Teachers really don't like that and have a tendency to be irritated with them in the beginning. First impressions are important.

#7 Go to goodwill or a nice thrift store and get some brand named clothing for middle school and High school students. Sometimes brand names are popular and helpful, You can save money by buying nice popular teen brands like: Areopostle, Old Navy, American Eagle, Hurley, Holister, Nike, Billa Bong, I usually buy new jeans at Goodwill and nice shirts in stores. I usually get six nice used pants and or shorts & some casual clothing and accessories, then I go to the mall, new shoes, backpack, underwear and socks and about five new shirts. Works like a charm and nobody ever even knows we spend half the money we usually do in clothes every year. A positive self image can work wonders! If you are worried about it take the tags off and don't tell the kids you shopped at Goodwill.

#8 Get kids excited about learning and get them in back to school mode, go to the library one day and spend half day there reading , or in the evening after work take them to check out a book, or read a book, even reading a magazine they like will help with getting into reading again. Get some fun math /puzzle book for your labor day vacation, or your last road trip for the summer, do some math problems. even spelling bee's in the car while driving can be fun for everyone. or eye spy and spell, game, something they can do in the tent at night.

#9 Meet and Greet Attend all of the parent teacher conferences, you would be surprised how many parents skip those! Make it a point to let the teachers and staff at the school that you consider your child's education to be paramount. It also helps with keeping up with overdue assignments or missed assignments.

#10 ASK about their day Do you ask your child abut their day? Here's the deal. Do not interrupt them! When they start to answer, do not look at your phone. If you are looking at your phone, you are telling them you are not really interested in a response, essentially you are just making polite NON conversation. Expect an answer, if they say "OK" ask for more details. Communication is key to good relationships. Communication means more than one person talking or listening, get comfortable with listening and talking WITH your child not , to or at your child. So many parents just bark at or nag kids, too much pressure will make them give up.

Life is good
Life is good | Source

Put out Premenstrual Stress

For the young Ladies: Buy some comforting teas and lavender heat wraps for your daughters, to help with premenstrual symptoms, nothing is worse that starting school with your period. Lavender helps calm and the heat feels nice when they want to come home and relax. Get the cramp pills and tampons or pads stocked up for them so they feel secure and know that they have what they need if "It" happens. Yoga and gentle exercises can help too.


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  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    9 years ago from The Caribbean

    Excellent tips to help children move back into the school routine after the vacation. Brings back memories of preparing my children for back-to-school. The advice on getting school supplies is really useful. Thanks!


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