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Balance in Life

Updated on October 14, 2016

When nature is out of wrack and out of balance by generating earthquake, hurricane, draught, etc., many lives will be lost and the life style we hold so dearly will also be affected adversely. But, after the natural disasters subside, we will pick up the pieces and rebuild till our lives are back to normal and returning to a state of equilibrium and balance where things occur the ways they are expected and life moves on with minimum stress and headache. It is not to state that there is no benefit to the drastic changes. But, a long period of stability is crucial for growth, creativity, and the understanding of our role in life. To achieve these, we need a balance of power in the world and local governments, a balance of supply and demand in the market place, a balance of nourishments and exercises at home, and a balance of the individual’s physical and emotional needs.

Balance of Power

From our history, we have learned that within the country there were civil wars and amongst countries there were world wars. We understand that peace has to be fought for and then can only be maintained by power. Not just one power but several independent power sources. Such that no single entity dares to impose ill wills on the others without worrying about the consequences. As the world population becomes larger and the natural resources scarcer, the gap between the have and the have-not will be widened and the destruction of the environment will be accelerated. The powers-to-be will learn to redistribute the wealth on a global basis wisely to head off costly unrest and to employ technology efficiently to extract what we need from the ground with minimum impact to the ecosystems. Life has to go on, energy are being consumed, wastes are piling up, infectious diseases are on the rising, conflicts among people and nations are brewing, it takes a well balance of power to share and check the responsibility to keep life on Earth in equilibrium.

Balance of Supply and Demand

Our economy is primarily based on capitalism and free enterprise. The productive resources – lands, labors, factories, etc. – belong to the public; to anybody who can make the best use of them. The enterprisers will strive to produce products that the consumers will buy at a price that is determined by the balance of supply and demand. This simple formula encourages competition among the producers to supply quality goods at a reasonable price.

But, some balance of regulations is also required in the feverish pace of competition among the industries. To make sure that the health of the environment and the public is not irreversibly endangered; various oversight agencies are setup to constantly monitor the operations of the manufacturing facilities. All these endeavors will add up the cost of supply and the price paid by the consumers. With the limited natural resources and the ever increasing demands, we always have to maintain a delicate balance between enterprise and government regulations.

Balance of Nourishment and Exercise

The human body requires a balanced diet to maintain its health and to be in optimal operational conditions. We need proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from the animals, fruits, and vegetables. Instead of figuring out what are the best foods to consume to obtain the fullest nutrition, we find that the sensible approach is to eat a balance meal that has a little bit of everything. How much we eat depends on what we do with what we eat. We all have slightly different metabolisms and we can compensate by having an individual exercise regimen. It is like balancing the checking account with a minimum required amount (optimal weight). Too much money above the minimum (over weight) means that the money is not put into good use as it gets zero to nothing interest in return. Falling below the minimum balance (underweight) means paying a bank service fee.

In our present society of abundance, over weight is the primary concern. It is a cause to many of our ailments. The time-proven and most effective way to shave off the excess pounds is the exercise induced perspirations. The more one over weight, the more one has to exercise until a balance is established when what one takes in is equal to what one puts out minus what is required to keep one in the optimal operating conditions.

Balance of Physical and Emotional Needs

We were all born with slightly different physical and emotional needs. When we were child, we would let these needs dictate how we lived out life without considering the consequences. Who could forget the fun of a sleep over in a friend’s home, the excitement of exploring the local abandoned haunt house, the ugly pranks unleashed on people we disliked, etc. But, when we got into troubles we could always count on our parents to protect us.

As we enter adulthood and are required to be responsible for our behaviors, we learn to control and balance our needs against what we can get away with. Childhood sleepover turns into hunting and camping trips, haunting house is replaced by roller coaster, ugly pranks become contentious law suits, etc. Our society has devised laws and capital punishments to safeguard our peaceful coexistences. Most of the people will accept these constraints in exchange for the stability to raise a family and enjoy the many wonders of life.


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