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Baseball; a Life Perspective

Updated on September 7, 2011
Tank my son
Tank my son | Source

William James once said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind”. William James wrote the first psychology book, he would later move into philosophy. Every person makes a thousand decisions a day. Some of those decisions are important and some are not as important. None of your decisions are as important as deciding what your attitude is going to be.

Two things are needed to throw a good curve ball; proper grip and wind resistance (How does it work, 2011). According to How it, a major league batter only hits the ball 30% of his at bats. The thing that brings the batters average down is the curveball. The comparison between batting and life is made daily. The pessimist may think they strike out more often than they are bat. The optimist will see the curve ball as an opportunity.

A fastball comes at a person quickly with such force that some batters may be tempted to get out of the way. The reflex to run or duck often has to be resisted in order to accomplish the task of a homerun or at least getting on base. The distance the ball will travel when hit depends on the angle and speed the bat is traveling when it makes contact with the ball (Emporium, 2011). We all know that a ball hit at the right angle will travel way into the stands and in some cases out of the park.

However, a curve ball is not as fast. The curve ball is thrown to fool the eye as to where the ball is going. The point is to make the batter think the ball will be called outside of the strike zone, thus the batter may not even try to hit the ball. In the last second that curve ball falls into the catcher glove in the exact spot that it was supposed to land. If the batter does not judge correctly, if the batter hesitates too long or judges a little off, a strike is called.

What does any of this have to do with life? Life throws us curve balls, Life chucks things at us that look like its going to miss the strike zone, and if we don’t pay attention and swing, we are going to get struck out. Dave Hudgens Stated there are three things needed to hit a curve ball:

1. Study the pitcher

2. Knowing the proper keys to hitting the off-speed pitch

3. Practicing curveball drills

Hmmmm… I think Dave is onto something. These three things all have to do with preparation. The pitcher most of consider to be God, if we study about God, and know his rules we may be able to hit the curve ball. If we know the proper keys for hitting the off speed pitch, we are prepared to hit whatever is thrown. Practicing hitting a curve ball, in life, doing something right takes practice, lots of practice.

How does this translate? Life throws you curve balls. Because, we cant see into the future we do not know if that ball is going in or out of the strike zone. If we don’t swing then we know we will not hit the ball. The best thing we can do is swing and hope for the best. Baseball is a game of skill and strategy. Life should be lived with skill and strategy. If we swing and miss then there is always the next pitch or the next at bat. It is better to have swung and missed than to give up and not swing.

Life throws a lot of different pitches but, if our attitude is that we are going to swing to hit the ball, there is a greater chance that we will hit it out of the park. We should be excited that we have the opportunity to get up to the plate, excited that we are even put in the game. That attitude can carry a person through anything. Just like William James said a man/woman can change their life by changing their perspective.


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    • michelleonly3 profile image

      MD Jackson MSIOP 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you for stopping by my little hub porch. :)

    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

      Thanks Michelle,that was a great read -- I like your writing and the way you tied in with the "curve ball" analogy.

      I believe that attitude and perspective are vital criteria to a happy and successful life. I look froward to reading more of your work, especially on this subject.