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Common Arabic words to learn

Updated on May 16, 2016

Arabic language is one of the three semitic languages. It is widely spoken in the Arab world which consists of twenty two countries in the middle east and north of Africa. It's also one of the six official languages of United nations. The Arabic language was widely spoken by the tribes were present in the Arabic gulf area even before the revelation of the Qur'an to the prophet Mohamed PBUH. Qur'an is revealed to the Mohamed PBUH in Arabic language. It's a language which existed for of over one thousands and five hundred years. There is the classical Arabic which is the language of the Qur'an and the modern standard Arabic which is widely used nowadays in the Arabic league countries specially for writing and formal speeches. The modern standard Arabic is based on the classical one. The Arabic language alphabets are 28 letters. It's writting usually starts from the right to left and its caligraphy is very beautiful that became an art. Arabic language has its own grammer which (nahu). Learning any language in the begenning can be challenging and would need alot of practising, but after that it caYou can learn Arabic to use it for various reasons for instance, visiting the middle east for a tourism as there are many beautiful Arabic countries such as UAE, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, business or if you are just interested in learning a foreign language. There are many Arabic spoken people who are living in the UK. There are many children who tend to study Arabic language at British schools as a foreign language as Spanish, French, German and etc... According to the British council Arabic is exp

Here are some of the basic phrases that we can learn and help you to start a conversation in Arabic:

Marhaba: Hello

Hal tatahadathu al Arabiya: Fo you speak Arabic?

Naam, lakeni atahadathu qalilun men al Arabiya: Yes, but I speak little of Arabic

Hal tatahadathu al Englezya? : Do you speak English?

Naam, ana atahadathu al Engelezya: Yes, I speak English

Kaif halok (m) / kaif haloki (f): how are you?

Ana bekhair: I'm fine

Ma ismok / ma ismoki (f): What's your name?

Men ayn anta (m)/ anti (f): Where are you from?

Ana men ....: I am from.....

Ma mehnatok (m) mehnatoki (f) : What's your job?

Ana aamalo k.... : I work as a....

Men fadlek: Excuse me

Afwan: I am sorry

Hal osaedoka (m) osaedoki (f): Can I help you?

Ana ada'tu al tareq: I have got lost in my way

Bi kam hazha?: How much is this?

Hazha bi.....: This is for.....

Hal torido hazha? Do you want this one?

Ana orido hazha: I want this one

Ayna taskon (m) taskoni (f): Where do you live?

Ana askono fe....: I live in.....

Ana ohibo : I love the.....

Maazeratan, kaifa azhabo ella....: excuse me, how can I go to the.....?

Ana orido an azhaba ella alfondoq: I want to go to the hotel

Shukran: Thank you

Al-afw: You are welcome


Sarorto bi moqabilatak (m)/ moqabalataki (f): I am happy to meet you

Ma al-salams: good bye

I hope you have found these short Arabic phrases easy to learn and helpful. I will be happy if you send me anything you want me to translate to you to Arabic language. You can also leave a comment below. Thanks for reading my hub and see you again


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