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Basic Life Support – A Guidance Course for Healthcare Professionals

Updated on March 7, 2014

Medical emergencies are more common nowadays and many of us are unaware of the appropriate treatment. Healthcare professionals get trained through Basic Life Support about how to perform CPR, as well as lifesaving skills. Basic life support is the most important phase of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) defined Basic Life Support (BLS) as “the preservation of life by the initial establishment of and /or maintenance of airway, breathing and circulation, and related emergency care.” (ARC, 2006: Glossary of Terms). BLS course trains the core basic skills needed for the BLS professionals in accordance with the latest American Heart Association - Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (AHA-ACLS) guidelines.

First aid techniques, treatment for serious wounds and prevention of shock are important in basic life support. BLS is generally used in the pre-hospital setting provided without medical equipment. BLS is also immensely useful for many other professions, such as daycare providers, teachers and security personnel and social workers especially working in the hospitals and ambulance drivers. BLS training is intended to help you in dealing with crisis like,
• Cardiac arrest
• Choking
• Sudden collapse

Which course is more relevant to make a healthcare professional more competent in medical emergencies? Basic Life Support is the best choice for that and it is helpful to everyone since we are unaware of what will happen in the next moment. BLS training is essential for retention of BLS skills and to maintain competency in the technique. BLS which is a short course does not include the use of drugs or invasive skills and it is discussed in Advanced Life Support (ALS).

The course includes both theory and practical papers. Theory paper includes indication of BLS, danger, response, airway, breathing, circulation, defibrillation, safety measures, individual responsibilities, common complications and practical paper includes assessment of victim in cardio-pulmonary arrest situation, implementing appropriate BLS interventions, preparation of victim and environment for effective resuscitation, problem solving-particular aspects. This course is suitable for professionals working in the aged care, home and community sector, disability service sector or any another health related discipline.

In India many of the institution provides Basic Life Support courses which are located at major cities and it act as the foundation for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is provided on same day by Medical Colleagues CPR also known as McCPR accredited by American heart association. The course is also an excellent opportunity for experience divers and instructors to expand their knowledge.

Since Basic Life Support (BLS) is a short term course everyone can attend this course even when they are working. The future of this course is touchy and many of the institutions hires certified BLS students one who have successfully completed the course. Many students are seeking admission for this course as the job opportunity of this course is increasing day by day. The students must be so careful while taking admission for BLS course since there are institutes without AHA certification. Those who wish to improve their career opportunities with basic life support course must move to a reputed institution.


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