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Beauty we take for granted

Updated on October 1, 2012

Have you ever stop to smell the roses? Life is speeding so fast that we forget to just look around us and see the beauty of nature. We are stressed and tired from work and life in general that the beauty of life is taken for granted. Are we that consumed with "Celebrity News", Shopping, being on Facebook and texting? What are we doing?

I rediscovered life that made me realise the beauty we take for granted. I started a morning walk to our local park and the people who also walk in the morning seem to feel alive and less stressed because we appreciate the trees, plants and birds surrounding us. The flowers are in full bloom and the perfume smell of the flowers arouses your senses.

You watch the birds fly to search for food on the ground so they can fed their young. You hear the birds chirping as if you were in the country. The morning breeze sway the leaves of the trees and the sun penetrates down to your body to give you that sense of wellness. You close your eyes and take a deep breath of fresh air to clear your mind . The sounds of running water from a water fountain calms your senses. You hear the sounds of children's laughter playing in the playground .As you walk, you feel alive and less stress for the rest of the day. Can you imagine all this taken away? How can we take this for granted?

Let me tell you a brief history of the park I go to. It's called Central Park. No not the one in New York, the one in East Malvern, Melbourne, Australia.

The Wurundjeri people (Aborigines) used this land before the European settlement. The land was subdivided for housing around 1885.

Between 1891 and 1907, this acreage was used as a golf course. It was then home to the (Royal) Melbourne Golf Club for the next 10 years. It was then moved to another suburb in 1901.

When the local Council took over the Central Park site in1907, it considered several plans for a proposed park and chose one with a sports oval at the northern end. Later that year, the park was given its official title of Central Park.

In 1908, tree planting in the Park commenced and fences were installed to keep out straying stock. These fences were removed after World War I but this caused havoc as roving horses and cows were a problem for several years to come. After several modifications and improvements of the park during the years followed after the Great War. In 1919-20, 185 Kurrajong trees were planted in memory of the soldiers who died in the war. Unfortunately, these kurrajongs failed to prosper and grow and most were shifted to the street frontage about 6 years later.

In the 1920s, many alterations were made to Central Park which included gravelling, replanting, drainage of large areas and planting of various beds of bamboos, palms, trees and herbaceous plants. Central Park has a Conservatory which is considered a significant as one of the oldest and largest extant public conservatories in the State. It maintains an interest in exotic plants and the public display of plants in the early twentieth century.

On 2 March 1997, John Landy (An Australian Olympic Champion) unveiled the plaque naming the oval at Central Park the “John Landy Oval”. He trained at this oval daily before his participation in the 1956 Olympics and won the Australian Mile Championship three times (1953, 1954, 1956), the three mile title in 1956 and set world records for the 1500 metres and the mile and won two Games medals.

Today Central Park maintains its original landscape features, and is one of only a handful of representative Edwardian public gardens in Victoria.

Covering almost 19 acres, Central Park is embellished with avenue trees, shrubs and flowerbeds and adjoined by an open oval for cricket and other team sports. The park has included a bocce court, fun and fitness track and a playground.

As I admire the abundance of trees and plants, humans feel a sense of connection of life. Without it, there would be nothing to enjoy outside of nature.

There are plentiful parks and gardens to enjoy and appreciate. Take the time and enjoy what we have and admire the beauty we take for granted.

Enjoy my little movie I took while going for my morning walk. Do yourselves a favour and SMELL THE ROSES !!

nature movie


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