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Before & after the magnetic pole shift 2017 Climate change.

Updated on February 17, 2017

A positive view of the future.

Before we start i would like to say thank you for showing an interest in this topic of regenerating the planet and your own body, as we can see we have got our hands full and we need a good place to start. As so many are saying there is only one place to start and that is now, if you do not start now, then reading this information will be in your past, which will make it harder to use due to the busy stressful lifes we lead.

I am going to write this as straight forward as possible because the people its intended for are the ones who are struggling the most with the turbulent so called ups & downs in life, which causes long explanations to get confusing & boring. The ups and downs can be looked at as positive and negative, for simplicity we will use + & - as this is all that the change in emotion is, a change in direction, in frequency, in vibration & in polarity.

Life and the planet at this time is flipping between these two energys, which inturn is making our mind & emotions do the same. We have all felt the joys of life when we are flying high, our thoughts are full of change, positive direction & outlook for the times ahead. For some this can last a few weeks or months or even years, for others it may only last a day, a night, an hour or minutes. Our life's are controlled by positive & negative emotions, what we search to find is a steady flow of positive happyness.

This is where it gets hard, people keep thinking they have got it, they get money or high on life's many boosters, the problem is they are only in the mind and a temporary upliftment because life at the moment is heading downward, its in a negative spiral flow which its been in for thousands of years, we are decaying and losing energy like the planet. The good news is we are heading for the reversal of flow, reversing the charge to an upward spiral, this is what is called a magnetic shift from + - to - + this will change life and our bodies so much! But we have to prepare for this !

As we get closer it will shake the foundations of our world, when we flip between the two currents there will be a time of confusion & fear. We will start to lose the magnetic field around the planet and our body which will make us temporally or possibly permanently lose our memory, the length of time we are in this state of confusion depends on how strong our bodies & minds are at dealing with and recovering from the duration spent in our mind, the more unfinished business or negative emotions you have on your mind, the longer you stay under. The same goes for the body, if you are disconnected or unaware of subtle feelings of your self, you will not awaken as quickly . Yoga is a good way to connect with your body & mind.

The people of this world which are truly living from the heart and see love in everything will be the ones who see the shift for what it is, they will not be greatly effected by the loss of memory as they do not hold to duality or thoughts of the future & past, they live in the now. These are the children of the world and the natives of the land, who know no difference of the polarity of right & wrong.

We need to use the short time ahead to learn how to improve our chances of keeping our bodies & minds stable which is what my other pages go into more detail about, this is not an instant fix, this will take hard work and dedication. The reward for this is indescribable, we will be able to pick ourselves back up and dust ourselves off and rebuild a new mind. body & spirit.

Most of our life's have been a dress rehearsal for this very moment, the more times you have had to pick yourself off the floor the better you will recover, it's a little like rebuilding your body after a dramatic life experience, your mind goes blank, your body is weak, you need to know how to repair yourselves to awaken your senses quickly and use nature to rebuild your mind, body & spirit.

Once we get to the other side, we will grow at a rapid rate, like a newborn baby or a seed shooting from the ground, we will recover the memory's of our past and the memory of all things we have learnt in all our time on earth and reconnect with our higher power source, the spirit or soul, our star. We will see why we took the rough path and walked up the mountain in bare foot. We will be living in a time of positive growth, an upward spiral of joy & ecstasy. We will live longer life's, grow bigger, stronger bodies and evolve into the angels we once were, this will last until the next shift, we have got a long positive future ahead.

Be aware and stay safe!

Light & Love.


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      wizdom 6 years ago

      Great read thanks.