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Behavior Management Plans.....A Recipe for Success in Your Classroom

Updated on February 20, 2012

Effective Behavior Management for Successful Classrooms


A Sample Behavior Management Plan

Behavior Management Plan

Target Behavior

a. Behavior to be increased

Remaining on task and asking for permission to leave the room

b. Behavior to be decreased

Getting out of seat and leaving assigned areas without permission

Behavioral Objective

a. Behavior is marked by getting out of seat, taking pencils, papers, and other items from peers who are doing their work. Student will also leave the assigned area and run in the hall. Behavior occurs when the teacher is working with another student or is giving instruction to other students within the classroom. It occurs once the student has completed his task or is unsure of what is expected of him.

b. Student should learn how to appropriately express his need for a break or for assistance on a task. This should occur once the student becomes distracted by others in the classroom or the task.

c. The behavior should occur every time the student begins to feel distracted or finishes a task.


a. Student will be reinforced for appropriate on task behaviors through verbal praise. Additionally, the student will be given an opportunity to move around the classroom in structured ways when a task is completed. For this particular student the reinforcer will constitute allotting him time to clean up the classroom.

b. The rationale for the reinforcer involves the interest level of this particular student. This student is highly motivated by tasks which focus on cleaning and keeping areas tidy. Furthermore, he responds well when he is given verbal praise for being appropriate. The reinforcer that follows the verbal praise is allowing him the opportunity to clean up the classroom and getting the materials from an area outside the classroom.

c. Student will be reinforced when he is remaining in his assigned area or appropriately expresses his need for help or a break from the task. Verbal reinforcement will occur every time the student engages in appropriate on task behavior. Tangible reinforcers will be given at a rate of once a day at the maximum for appropriate on task behaviors. Reinforcement will also occur on a point sheet which will be sent home to the parents at the completion of the day.

d. The student will be observed in various educational settings to determine rate at which inappropriate off task behaviors occur and in what settings. The student will then have an opportunity to express his needs and interests. Afterward, the student and educational staff involved will mutually agree on a contract which will be reviewed as necessary.

Data Recording

a. Student will be observed each class period for off task behaviors. This will be tallied by a point system that tracks 5 related behaviors throughout the day. Students will be assigned a level for each behavior at the end of the period. Level 0 would mean the student does not do as stated on the point sheet, level 1 means the student performs the behavior some of the time, and level 2 means the student has achieved the behavior for that time frame. The comment section allows the teacher to track the student’s difficulties or progress during that time period. At the completion of the day the point sheet will be sent home to the student’s parents.

Example Behavior Point Sheet

Will remain in seat and assigned areas
Will express need for a break
Will ask for help when distracted or off task
Will refrain from taking items from peers
Will remove seat placement when distracted by others


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